WOD 02-06-2015

We will have regular hours for open gym tomorrow. The CrossFit total event will be starting at 9:30 and last until 11:00. If you are not participating in the CrossFit Total you are welcome to have normal open gym time. However, folks doing the CrossFit total will get access to racks before those not doing the total.

3 position Snatch grip DL
Hang Power snatch 1-1-1-1

7 Min. AMRAP
5 Dead hang PU
7 Ring Dips




  1. Ben, Dixon, and myself will be drawing an open workout from a hat Saturday morning if anyone would like to join and do an open workout before the crossfit total. 11.5, 13.4, and 14.4 are the ones I am contributing to the hat, feel free to join, WOD starts before 9, we plan on getting there around 830.