WOD 02-07-2013

3 thrusters 95/65#
3 chest to bar pull ups
Each round increase both movements by three reps.

Skill: 10 Strict Hand Stand Push Ups
30 Back Extensions


  1. We need some more folks representing CFR during the Crossfit Open. Alima has already agreed to sign-up and we should all follow suit. Last year’s first WOD was 7 minutes of burpees – we can all do that. They expect 100,000+ people to sign up this year. It will be fun.

  2. We curently have 12 folks signed up for this event. I can think of a lot more that should at least consider giving it a shot. The open is a great way to find out how your fitness compares to other crossfitters. It is also a great tool to use for motivation in your training. We have some great events scheduled for the Open this yea.r. We are planning several post WOD social events. Go ahead and sign up. It is going to be fun.

  3. I Signed up to take all of the excuses out of it 🙂 Now lets do it Ladies 🙂

  4. I’ve already scheduled 5 post-WOD collapse sessions. All are welcome to join.

  5. anyone have any idea how to program this WOD on BTWB??? I’ll give it a shot, but no promises.

  6. OK, you crazy people convinced me to register, but I’m not showing up on the CFR roster. Maybe it takes some time to proces….?

  7. What if we can’t do everything RX?

    • Lauralee,

      There will definitely be WODs where some of us wont be able to complete the movements as prescribed, but many of them start out with a movement that everyone can do (i.e. wall ball and then progress to something more difficult (muscle ups) and you get credit for the part of the wod that you completed.

  8. Wallace aka Deuce says:

    Do they have a class for clydesdales?

  9. I dont really understand how it works? Are we competing as a team or individually? Is there a website I can go to that explains how everything happens?

  10. Matt,

    The site is games.crossfit.com There’s a official rule book on there.

    But essentially, you’re competiting individually. The look at the top scores for anyone who signed up for the team to determine whether or not the team goes to regionals. Then the team is made up of the best 3 guys and 3 girls (and an alternate of each) who don’t individually qualify for regionals.