WOD 02-08-2011

As many reps as possible:
2 min. Squat Clean 95/65#
2 min. Burpees
2 min. PushPress 95/65#
2 min. Pull Ups
2 min. Power Snatch 95/65#

Post total reps for all movements combined.

Skill: GHD Sit Ups/ Back extensions. 15-30 of each depending on fitness level.


  1. continuous clock?

  2. I’m thinking yes.

  3. this sounds nasty

  4. Hey guys, one of my best friends worked with the LEO honored with the hero wod on the main site today. I will be doing it on Saturday, modified somewhat because of the rings, but anyone who would like please join me. would like to send some pics to the family.

  5. looks like a good time! such good ones this week and i’m missing them all! :\
    phil, if i were able to, i would do that wod with you – unfortunately, i’m out on saturday, too… rock it!

  6. looks like a good one Phil. If Im there I would like to do it.
    Cory – any interest in taking some pictures on Saturday?

  7. oh and yes continuous clock on todays WOD.
    Also, we are working with a company right now to get more shirts printed.
    We want them to be different than the last ones.
    Any ideas? We are thinking we want a slogan on the back. We’d love your suggestions on your favorite CrossFit slogans or other ideas for shirts.

  8. Sure! If I’m in town that is… I’ll have to let you know.
    I like the “Your workout is our warmup” shirts. Any color but gray would be awesome! 🙂

  9. happy birthday, kyle!
    i would love a blue (sky or teal) shirt…i love the dark grey, too. white tends to get dingy too easily…

  10. oh yea….Happy Birthday Kyle!!!

  11. Happy Happy Kyle! Enjoy!

  12. Happy B-Day Kyle! Sure wish i could be there to work out untill 2 am with the rest of you guys tonight, but i am going to the Willie Nelson concert tonight. Later Suckers!

  13. Happy Birthday, Kyle! 🙂 This WOD does look serious – alas, I will be doing strength, so I guess I will be missing all the fun.

  14. Happy birthday, Kyle. I’ll puke extra hard for both of us 🙂

  15. here are some cf saying suggestions i’ve kept track of (okay, i have them printed out and on my desk at work):
    suit up. show up. do the work.
    if you lose count, the next number is always one.
    abandon your ego. somewhere a high school kid is warming up with your PR.
    effort earns R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
    no one cares what your score was. everyone cares if you cheated.
    WODs don’t maim and injure people. people maim WODs and get injured.
    i may struggle, curse, and cry but i will never quit.
    i will never criticize or beat myself up for what i can’t do today. i will just try again tomorrow.
    if i can run, i run. if i have to walk, i walk. when i am forced to crawl, i crawl. then i rest and live to fight another day.
    okay, yes, i realize some of these are long, but they could possibly be modified or altered or spark inspiration… of course, you can always go with the old cf stand-by of “you like my rack? you should see my snatch!” 😉

  16. I liked these 2… “if you lose count, the next number is always one” & “no one cares what your score was. everyone cares if you cheated.”

  17. I’m a big fan of “Rest Later.”
    I also like this one:
    abandon your ego. somewhere a high school kid is warming up with your PR.

  18. I think the ego one too.
    Also, I liked Kyle’s pep talk once that was something like, “Don’t worry. They say you’ll pass out before you die.”

  19. *like* Not so much “think.”