WOD 02-09-2012

Overhead Squat 95/65#
Toes To Bar

Skill: 30 Back Extensions

Have you registered for the Open? What are you waiting for? The first WOD will be announced in a few weeks.


  1. You talkin to me?

  2. Ok, you talked me in to it. I registered. I don’t see Crossfit Rebellion as an Affiliate. What gives?

  3. We should be on there. Nick said he found us.

  4. rebellion is on there. i found it. there’s a drop down menu on the right and cfr was listed. you just have to scroll a bit.
    alima & kyle – have you determined how you’re going to be running the open wods? set days/times/etc?

  5. I logged out, logged back in, and have looked like 10 times now. I really can’t find CFR. My drop down list goes from Crossfit C-K-U to Crossfit Red Diamond. Am I missing something?

  6. i just logged into mine to double check and it’s there… hmmm…
    here are the ten around rebellion (5 above, 5 below):
    CrossFit Rabid
    CrossFit Ragnarok
    CrossFit React
    CrossFit Reaction
    CrossFit Real Fitness
    –CrossFit Rebellion–
    CrossFit Rebels
    CrossFit Redline
    CrossFit Refuge
    CrossFit Resolute
    CrossFit Revolution
    does this help at all? it’s not under “CFR”, but the full name.

  7. also, make sure you’re updating your “affiliate” information and not joining a team. you’re registering as an individual, not team, so maybe that’s part of it? cfr doesn’t have a team started, so it won’t be listed in the team information.

  8. I don’t have all those choices. And I’m definitely under the affiliate tab. I emailed the games tech support. I’m baffled, but I’m sure it’ll get sorted out. Probably user error.
    Are there team WODs as part of the open?

  9. Got it!!! They had me in the South Central region (probably due to area code or something). Once I noticed and changed that, boom, there was Rebellion.
    Jackie your post actually did help, cause NONE of those were on my list. That’s where I knew there was something drastically amiss.

  10. YEA! glad you got it worked out! that’s crazy that they put you in a region based on area code – especially in today’s world with cell phones and travel!
    i’m not certain about team wods… Kyle & Alima would probably know better.

  11. I was just speculating… Not sure how I got into the south central region.
    I read a little about the teams. I think individual (Rx’ed) scores count toward the team score. No separate team WODs…..I think.

  12. Yeah my understanding is there are not team wods for the open.