WOD 02-10-2011

For Time:

30 Thrusters 95/65#

60 Box Jumps

30 Thrusters 95/65#

Special Saturday Hours:  9:30 -11:00. 

Please try to attend the CFR meet and greet/member appreciation event Saturday Feb. 19th. We will have coffee and fruit.  Please feel free to bring guests that are interested in joining the gym. 


  1. Oh my… two very weak things for me. Is there a time limit? 🙂

  2. Sounds like fun, but I’ll have catch up with you guys next week. Chest congestion, and etc.

  3. It’s OK, Alison, I’m sure the Thrusters will make the box jumps much easier and vice versa. Wait…now that I’m thinking about it…dang it.

  4. Hey Kyle or Alima – Billy wanted me to check with you and see if there is an alternative he could do for the box jumps this eve or if he should just skip all together? His knee is still not up to box jumps. Thanks!!

  5. i’ll be there tonight! yeah!!! 🙂
    shane, sounds like you have what robyn’s battling… rest up & feel better!

  6. I dont know the backround on the knee injury so Kyle is probably better to answer than me. Step ups are always an option.
    I would think thrusters would bother the knee too, though?? Or is it just when he jumps and lands?

  7. Casey, you can always sub something. Take it from an old, beat-up, frequently hurt CrossFitter….

  8. Alima – Billy has diagnosed himself, with the help of the internet (not my idea but he is super stubborn) with “Jumpers Knee”??? It just bothers him when he jumps rope, box jumps, etc. He said squats and similar exercises aren’t a problem…… I was thinking maybe step ups too. Thanks Donna, I was thinking the same thing so I went ahead and registered him. He gets cranky when he can’t WOD LOL

  9. Rest Shane…..its not worth it to push yourself! Im working on 7 days of crud. Hope to be back tomorrow if the sinus genie will allow!

  10. okay… i’m already feeling the need to puke and i still have two hours before the wod… NOT GOOD!

  11. So… The San Diego marathon is June 5th, which is 2 days before my 30th birthday. Since I have never ran a marathon, I’m still not 100 percent sure I’m doing it. Just curious if anyone would want to run with me if I do?

  12. So….I’ve been laying on the couch for a little while after this one, and HA, I might just sleep on this sucker tonight…

  13. Great job tonight, Collin.

  14. nice, collin! i hope you slept soundly 🙂
    cory, kudos to you! marathons are not in my future, but good luck to you!
    way to push through everyone!

  15. Dena Harris says:

    This is the first WOD that has ever made my eyelids hurt.

  16. OK. Dena, your comment about making your eyelids hurt made me LOL at work! 🙂