WOD 02-10-2014

Why you train and how the CrossFit Open should fit into your personal goals:
Over the last few weeks I have read many posts and articles floating around on other CF affiliate blogs about the CF Open. The general tone and consensus of these posts is that you really must “compete” in the open to validate yourself and your efforts in the gym. I must say that I could not disagree more. While I do think the Open is a great way to be a part of something very big, and a lot of fun, it isn’t a must do. My belief is now and has always been that CrossFit is a training philosophy and lifestyle that supersedes external validation. In fact, CrossFit is much older than the CrossFit Games and all of the small time competitions that have burst on the scene. Most of which are so concerned with being over the top (insert adjective for extreme here) that they rarely consider appropriateness or safety. Believe it or not, CrossFit training isn’t only about competition. In its earliest days, and in my opinion currently, CrossFit was and is about maximizing personal fitness in a group filled with like minded individuals. My goal for you, much like for myself, is that each day you look forward to the WOD as an opportunity to prove how fit you are to yourself and no one else. It is a chance to look inside yourself, see what your made of and put it to the test. Again, competing only with yourself, testing your physical capabilities against your mental limitations. I want everyone at CFR to be as intrinsically motivated as possible. Free from the need to measure others success or failures to find validation for your own efforts. The group setting in which we train is more about sharing the journey with each other as opposed to battling for supremacy. After a WOD, the satisfaction should come from what you have accomplished in pushing your own boundaries of pain and capability, not from being the fastest or strongest. In the end, what does it truly matter if you are the strongest or fastest in the group. That pride and glory will surely fade or be take by someone stronger or faster. Beating your own personal expectations can never be taken from you. You compete with you, both physically and mentally ever day. Find the most pride in winning the daily battle against you. That will surely be the most powerful validation you will experience.
That brings us back to the CF Open. It is coming up. I love the open, and the CF Games. They are both a great time to see the fittest people show their capabilities. It is also something each of us can relate to based on the commonalities of the training philosophy we share. If you approach the open the right way, the one that is best and most appropriate for you, then it can be great. The way I see it is, you can take part for the fun and experience of it without making it more then it needs to be. We will again host the open at CFR. This year you are welcome to complete in the open WODs at CFR even if you don’t sign up for the open. You can always log on and see what your scores look like compared to others around the world. For those who want to sign up and register for the open and submit your scores, we will be glad to judge and validate scores for you. We are going to plan to host the Open WODs on Saturdays this year. We will also be planning some great post WOD events. We really want this to be an inclusive event that brings out the best in each of our athletes. If you choose to participate, use the Open WODs as another opportunity to challenge yourself and improve your fitness. Don’t fall into the trap of placing too much importance on the comparing of results. Place the emphasis on the journey and the experience and you will not be disappointed. Make no mistake, we have several athletes who can make a great showing in the open this year, potentially even make regionals. I am not discouraging anyone from participating. I just want everyone to have the proper perspective heading in to the Open. We will post the details on the open in the coming weeks.

Strength – Front Squat 3-3-3-3 (15 Min Max)
15 Min. AMRAP
5 Handstand Push Ups
10 Box Step Ups w/plate 45/35# 24/20″
15 Air Squats



  1. Matt Stuart says:

    I am loving these lifts before the WOD

  2. Well said Kyle. Couldnt say it any better.

  3. Matt Stuart says:

    cough cough OHS strength before WOD cough cough