WOD 02-11-2013

For Time:
50 Power Snatches 115/80#
100 Burpees
Split any way you want

Skill: 20 DeadHang or Weighted DeadHang pull ups.

Sorry for the late post, we had some site issues.


  1. look what I found at work this morning! too funny.

  2. haha!!! That’s awesome.

  3. Site Issues / Mental Torture …. I was thinking that you were planning on giving us an extra “fit” crossfit work out. I was right.

  4. I’d like to thank the 13 brave souls who showed up blind for the 6:30 am WOD! You were clearly apprehensive by came anyway!

  5. it’s probably poetic justice that i read the numbers on my clock backwards, showed up 10 minutes late, and totally missed out on the whole thing.