WOD 02-14-2012

For Time
Row 1000M
50 Thrusters @ 45#
30 Pull Ups

Skill: 20 Ring Dips

It's CFR Kickball time again. If you are interested in participating this season please contact Allison Cronin at allison.r.cronin@gmail.com


  1. What day is kickball on? Is the time consistent? If so, what time? If not, what’s the range of time?

  2. OK, who else looks like they are the victim of a beatin’ after DT??

  3. Is the thruster 45# for male and female?
    Donna -I have definitely been victimized. I re-bruised my thighs from last week’s HPCs.

  4. Below is basic info on kickball (copied from an email from Allison). She can’t check the website from work.
    Registration will close Tuesday, February 29th at 10pm. Please have your entire team signed up on time in order to avoid late fees and missing shirts. The season will begin March 7th and 8th. Once again, teams signed up for Thursday will each play 1 Wednesday night game. All games will be held at George Ward Park on the Upper Fields. Thursday night games will be held from 6:30-10:30pm.
    Peter- The game times rotate but will start from 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, or 10:30. So I would say consistently inconsistent. Always on Thursday with the exception of 1 Wednesday night.

  5. i, too, am a victim of a beating after “DT”… and let me just say, re-racking the thrusters on “jackie” didn’t help the healing process of the bruises on my collar bones/chest… in fact, it made me more aware of them.

  6. p.s. because only you guys would understand (my co-workers just didn’t get my excitement), i just received my new inov-8s (i have been needing new ones for months!) – super excited about them! i bought the new bare-xf 210s with the rope guard on them… so, can i request rope climbs soon? i want to test these suckers out!

  7. And can I request advance warning of when those rope-climbs are coming up so I can wear cleats?