WOD 02-15-2016

It was a great Weekend for CFR. Maria and Lindsay won 1st place at the tough love competition on Saturday. Craig L. and teammate also placed top 10 in the RX men’s division. We also had a lot of runners in the Mercedes marathon on Sunday! We are proud of how everyone represented CFR at their various events. 

The CrossFit Open is coming up starting Thursday the 25th. We will once again be hosting and judging the Open WODs on Saturdays at 10:00am. On several of those Saturdays, we will go out to a restaurants around town to celebrate our success and have some fun. We will post dates and locations for gym outings in the coming days. We don’t require you to sign up for the Open online. If you just want to do the WODs and have some fun that’s fine with me. If you do want to sign up we think that’s great too. I am a certified judge and I will be able to validate your scores on the Open Website. We hope to see you at these events. Check out this link for more info



Buy in:

30 Burpees

5 rounds

15 wall ball 20/14#

15 sumo deadlift high pull 95/65#

Cash out:

30 Burpees