WOD 02-16-2011

For Time:

Run 800 M

21 Squat clean and Jerks 135/95#

Run 800 M

Don't forget about the meet and greet this Saturday at CFR.  Feel free to bring guests. 


  1. Will guests be able to do the WOD?

  2. the WOD for Saturday.

  3. I’ve updated the website to include a yoga tab with information on our instructor, Christine and prices.
    And don’t forget to sign up for the rumpshaker 5k under team CFR! It will be fun! I believe March 11th is the last day you can sign up under a team.

  4. Jason there will be a beginner WOD for guests, if they want to participate.

  5. Anybody have any good Paleo smoothie recipes?? This weather has me jonesing for some fruit smoothies but I typically make mine with yogurt. Thanks!

  6. coconut milk! We’ve been feeling the same way and have been endulging in smoothies almost everyday this week. Aubrey LOVES them and is a smoothie hog!
    (I like the lite coconut milk for smoothies bc you dont get a strong coconut flavor, just creamy deliciousness). 🙂

  7. Just realized that wasn’t really a recipe, but coconut would be the sub for your yogurt. Then you can add any fruit (or veggie) you like. We’ve been doing a mix of frozen berries, frozen mango and a banana. So good!

  8. Thanks Alima! Where do you find coconut milk? I just looked at Publix and all I saw was almond milk. Is that a Whole Foods type of ingredient? Thanks again 🙂

  9. It’s a canned good! Look in the ethnic foods section…around the Thai/Asian stuff!

  10. Yes – what donna said. At Publix the brand you will be looking for will be called Thai Kitchen. It’s in the asian food aisle. At Whole Foods, I prefer the 365 brand and its also in the asian food aisle. (its worth the trip to Whole Foods because the 365 brand is about 60 cents cheaper per can and if you drink a couple of smoothies a week it adds up)!

  11. Thanks so much! I was looking in the dairy aisle so no wonder I didn’t see it! I will head over to Whole Foods today, YAY!

  12. Casey, i think even “looking” at things on the dairy aisle is cheating on paleo

  13. LOL!!!!!