WOD 02-18-2014

Thanks for the great response to the CFR Ice fishing tournament. The event is this Friday at 5:30. You can still sign up today if you want to participate. We have a great group of athletes signed up. It is going to be a great event.

AMRAP 11 Min.
3 strict HSPU
5 Deadlift 275/195#
7 Dead Hang Pull Ups

Skill: 35 Hollow Rocks
Mobility: 4 Minutes foam rolling problem areas



  1. 6+8. Assisted hspu. DL 135#. Assisted dhpu. Not bad for being sick for two weeks. I have to keep telling myself that I will get back to ‘normal’ soon enough.

  2. I forgot to sign up for the ice fishing but I want to participate ( watch) .