WOD 02-19-2014

Double Unders
Sit Ups
Push Ups

Mobility: 3 Drills from the Squat Poster

The CrossFit Open is coming up. We have some great events lined up for post WOD events. We will puts a full list of events in the coming days. If you plan on registering for the Open you should go to the CF Games site and register. You can add yourself to our gym. You can participate in the WODs at CFR Even if you don’t register. You just will not be able to post your scores on the games site. Whether you sign up or not, we hope you come out try the WODs and cheer on others. It will be a lot of fun.



  1. Check out the Open WOD events on our upcoming events page. http://crossfitrebellion.com/members/upcoming-events/

  2. Several people have asked for another epic bar order. If we can get at least 12 boxes for an order, I’m happy to place it. Bars must be paid for in advance.

    • Alima, I’ll order a box or two! I’m out of town until Sunday though, when will you place the order?