WOD 02-23-2011

For time:

100 Games Standard Push Ups

Followed by

3 Rounds For Time:

Run 800 M

Rest two minutes between Rounds

List your time for each 800 M.

Don't Forget:  Yoga and Lunch CF classes start next week. 




  1. This looks brutal and is exactly what I need.

  2. i won’t get to do this tonight, but it’s a do-able at home wod, so if i have time tonight i’ll do this – or wait until tomorrow night for it… not sure if i’ll feel like woding at 930p w/ a 5a wake-up call!

  3. Kyle – Probably a dumb question but if when signing up it told me that the 5:15 class is full but let me go on the wait list should I go ahead and sign up for the 6:00 class too in case the wait list doesn’t happen? I have never been denied a time so this is new to me LOL

  4. It looks like your in the 5:15. Its Billy who’s on the waiting list.
    I’ll go ahead and bump him in because we wont be using any equipment tonight so I can squeeze in an extra.
    In the future if it happens again, you can sign up for the 6:00 too, but if you get bumped into the 5:15 then please try to remember to cancel your 6:00 appt.

  5. itching for a massive cheat meal tonight after my strength class. sugary, but preferably gluten-free. ideas?

  6. I have one. I wouldnt say its all that sugary, but its chocolate-y and really delicious. It involves baking though so you may be looking for something thats ready to eat.
    Anyway, I made this amazing flourless chocolate cake for Kyle’s birthday. It was so good. I keep meaning to post the recipe to the food blog. Let me know if you want it.

  7. Whole Foods has those really good macaroons. Are they gluten free? Seems like they would be.

  8. Thanks Alima! I registered him for the 6:00 to be safe but I will go and cancel that one. Thanks again. Oh and the flourless chocolate cake sounds super yummy!!!

  9. It’s not paleo but it only has 3 ingredients. Butter, eggs and good quality dark chocolate so in my opinon, its about the best dessert you could eat if you are doing a cheat night.

  10. Sri – If you want a good grab and go gluten-free treat Dreamcakes in Homewood sells gluten-free cakes. I am sure they aren’t Paleo but definitely gluten-free.

  11. Here is the link for Warrior Dash, the race/ obstacle course I was talking about last night: http://www.warriordash.com
    Sri, my friend Ruth, and I are all signed up to run the 6 PM wave on Saturday. Just a warning: waves fill up quick because this is such an awesome event. I think we will be able to utilize our Crossfit prowess and dominate! If you are interested in running the race and partying with us after wards, let me know. We are thinking of renting a cabin nearby and partying camping style…

  12. this is the run that carter did last year in north georgia. i’m heading up with a group of friends -we’re running the 12:30p wave – see ya’ll up there! there are only two waves left for saturday (6p and 630p) so if you are going, you need to sign up soon! my understanding is saturday is the day to go b/c people will be hanging out all day.

  13. Kyle or Alima, what makes a push up “games standard”? I won’t be there tonight but I was thinking about doing the push ups at home.

  14. alima, hit me with the recipe… or put it on ‘eat this’, it hasn’t been updated in a while!
    i’m thinking either dream cakes or yogurt lab… decisions, decisions…

  15. Lauren, it’s a full chest to deck push up, but at the bottom, you have to raise your hands an inch or so off the floor before you start the next one. (I think I got that right). It’s a brand new experience.

  16. Here’s an example, except she’s kind of wormin’ the pushups…

  17. Yes, Lauren. Donna is correct. There is no set distance that you have to pull your arms off the ground. The idea is that making your hands leave the floor insures that your chest actually hits the floor.
    And Sri – yes I know. I have lots of recipes in my head. It just takes longer than you would think to post them when you have to take pictures, upload pictures, edit pictures, type the recipe, etc.
    Most days this little nugget is more than a full time job and I’m doing good just to get a shower 🙂

  18. I say go with Yogurt Lab b/c I want some of that really bad right now.
    I have had flourless cake at a restaraunt in FL and it is to DIE for so Im sure this recipe is even better with the dark choc!!!!