WOD 02-23-2012

Run 800M
50 Thrusters 95/65#
Run 800M

Skill: 35 Ring Dips

We will have the regular 5:30 class on Fridays throughout the CF Open. We will also be hosting and judging Open competitors during that time slot, as well as on Saturday mornings during open gym. Let me know if you have questions.

Be sure to sign up for Kickball. The sign up sheet is hanging on the wall by the PVC pipes.

It is not to late to register for the Open. You can register and complete the WOD at CFR before we close on Saturday. The Open is a great way to test your fitness and mental toughness.


  1. if we’re coming in on saturday to do the open wod, do we just sign up and show up or do you want us telling you we’re coming in for judging that day?

  2. Kyle,
    I will be coming in SAT to do the open WOD. I can come in earlier if we have alot of others coming in to do it to help judge. Just let me know.
    Burpees. Really?

  3. You can just come in. Make sure you come in by 10:30 if possible. That will give us some time to spare if anything goes wrong.

  4. Burpees. Really.

  5. I should be there by 10a at the latest.