WOD 02-27-2012

AMRAP 20 Min.
Run 400 M
7 Squat Cleans 155/110#

Skill: 20 Toes To Bar

You may notice some changes to the warm up today. As you know, we are always finding new ways to improve your fitness. Please be on time and ready to work when the class starts. Thanks in advance for your enthusiasm as it relates to this improvement.


  1. Crossfit model is all about constant change for the better. Let’s get warm!

  2. lisa wilson says:

    My middle name is enthusiasim

  3. my middle name is bitch and moan, and I don’t like change….

  4. Uh oh! I’m excited!

  5. You mean you’re not going to make us do the zombie walk down AND back anymore?

  6. PLEASE say we get to do zumba for warm-up!

  7. How did you guess? Zumba it is.