WOD 02-28-2011

Fractured Fran
5 Rounds for time
9 Thrusters 95/65#
9 Pull Ups
You will have only 9 minutes to complete this WOD. If you fail to finish, you must do 15 Burpees for each unfinished round. If you scale you must do a minimum of thirty Burpees. The Burpees will not count as a part of your time.

Skill: 75 Double Unders or 200 singles.

Don’t forget that the lunch classes start today. Be sure to register if you plan on attending.


  1. bummer, i’ll be in moody tonight and have to miss… looks fun – i have yet to do this one. see the early birds in the morning!

  2. I have a feeling fractured fran cough will be worse than fran cough…

  3. @Jackie… Bummer, I’ll be in a mood tonight while I’m doing this. Doesn’t look fun. I’ll not be seeing the early bird crazys in the morning.
    @ Alison…. It seems your coming down with a cough. Are you sure you should work out tonight?

  4. YAY for the inaugural lunchtime class! It’s great to have this done for today even though those pull ups kicked my butt!

  5. I’ll do this if one of you will take my stat test for me tonight…

  6. Lunch class was excellent.

  7. I can see it now. we’re all going to group up into gangs. The morning gang, the lunchtime gang, and the evening gang. We’re going to talk trash about each other, and talk about who is better. Well, let me be the first to say. They evening gang has consitantly kicked the morning gangs butt for the last year. Welcome to the beatdown lunch timers! Bring IT!

  8. Lunch Gang is kick ass. The baddest bad asses in town. Watch out evening crew– the gauntlet has been thrown. You better bring it.

  9. Can we organize the evening gang in much the same way as the Crips? I think it should involve an initiation ritual that includes a beat down and crossfit bandanas…just thinking out loud here…

  10. personally, i think the morning crew are the cream of the crop – who else does a wod at 6pm and then turns around and does another one at 530am??? that takes drive people… remember that. 😉
    in the meantime, looks like i’ll be doubling up some days this week to work with my schedule… and to remind ya’ll we morning people do exist 😉

  11. Jason, it’s so funny that you went with Crips because my immediate thought from Chuck’s comment went to the fight scene from West Side Story. Ha ha!

  12. Should we add crossfit bandanas to the shirt order?