WOD 02-01-2010

2 rounds For Time:

10 reps 115/75# ground to overhead

20 sit ups

Run 600M

10 reps 1.5/1 pood KB swing

20 burpees

Run 600M


  1. good god. where did this come from? i suspect that overhead means it’s up to us… snatch or clean and jerk… however we get it up there, as long as it gets up there. yes? lookin’ forward this one.

  2. Kyle Deneke says:

    overhead any way you want.

  3. did that mushroom go to your head? this is crazy!

  4. oh my.

  5. found out where this came from… someone owes me a wod! 🙂

  6. i will do your wod jackie. i will do your wod. have no fear. i just have to figure out when! 😉 this one will be fun, fun! are we gonna estimate the 600m? and yes, the overhead anyhow is from the ground locked out overhead anyway you want!

  7. also, carter – this is the intermediate version. the advanced is as follows. thinking you should do advanced! 🙂
    135# ground to overhead anyhow, 20 sit-ups, 600M run; 10- 2 Pood KB Swings, 20 burpees, 600M run; then do it all again.

  8. Not a pull-up in sight! Sounds like fun…

  9. i am almost a little bit glad that my shoulder is hurt for this one… only a little.

  10. intermediate for what? is this a WOD from the garage games or something?

  11. yes. day 2, wod 4.

  12. that’s too hard and i’m kinda little. i better stick to intermediate.

  13. dont make me curse on this message board!

  14. C’mon shoulders, treat me good today…