WOD 02-03-2010

Five rounds for time of:
155 pound Thruster, 5 reps
5 Muscle-ups
Run 400m

Post time to comments.

Remember: Saturday WOD from 8:00 until 9:30.  Lecture to follow.  I am thinking that Saturday will be a good day for baseline test.  If you are new and have recently baselined we will find something "fun" for you. 


  1. so… anyone who hasn’t baselined in a while should do so saturday?
    i’ll be missin’ this WOD today. see you cats tomorrow. have fun thrusting and muscle-upping.

  2. So, for those of us who are girls and who can’t do muscle ups (not that those two always go together, but in my case), would this look something like: (1) 95 lb thruster, 5 reps, (2) 15 pullups, (3) 15 dips, and (4) run 400 m?

  3. Regular dips are at a higher proportion to muscle-ups. I think ring dips would be as you’ve got it, Donna. Kyle/Carter?

  4. whimper.

  5. i’ll be there tonight, but not saturday. friday is iffy for me right now. i could do baseline tomorrow night, though, if that’s okay.
    also, for those who mentioned interest in playing on a volleyball team, please email me at peekaboohaker@hotmail.com. i printed out the forms and want to get everyone’s info. this is for the indoor league which begins end of march and lasts 9 weeks. they play on thursday nights, so that should work with cf schedules. thanks!

  6. I won’t be in attendance tonight. going to visit the chiro.
    I did find a good article about drinking the Crossfit Kool aid….

  7. I am doing the APFT today, and have a “Warrior Mind Training” session tonight. (Think: Samurai Meditation Techniques, should be interesting) So I won’t be there tonight but I’m gonna post my APFT score!

  8. good luck! (i’m guessing this is a good luck instance as i do not know what apft means…something like ap fitness test?) so…knock it out austin! you’ll do great!

  9. Warrior Mind Training session; sounds interesting. Let us know how it goes…

  10. can you pass on the warrior mind training techniques via this message board?! and where on earth do you go to get warrior mind training?

  11. APFT = Army Physical Fitness Test
    2min Max Pushups
    2min Max Situps
    2 mile Run
    The requirements are a joke compared to CF standards… Basically 42 pu, 53 su, 15:54 2-mile is the minimum passing score.
    To max the test I need to do 77pu, 80su, and run a 13:00 2-mile.

  12. i would fail miserably on the last part. that’s some fast runnin!
    good luck austin! you’ll smoke it!

  13. I wouldn’t joke about pull-ups…

  14. Push-ups! Nevermind; Ignore me, can’t read. Go get em Austin.

  15. Good Luck Austin! You’ll kill it! bring us back some of that Warrior Mind technique!

  16. good luck, austin. you won’t need it though. you can max+ that test. no prob.

  17. Thanks for all the support, you guys/gals are great.
    Lunch-Break APFT:
    PU: 68 (91% of Max)
    SU: 58 (74% of Max)
    Ru: 13:48 (95% of Max)
    My goal in the next two months is 100 PU, 100 SU, and 13:00 flat. I’m going to start incorporating army-style situps and pushups into my warmup every night. Back to running in the mornings again too looks like…

  18. http://warriortraining.us/
    Non-Profit organization using volunteer instructors that provides free training on bases and online to current and former military personnel. It was initially designed to prevent/abate PTSD and has since been expanded to prepare students about to enter courses such as BUD/S (S.E.A.L.s) and SFAS (Green Berets).

  19. nice job, austin! just don’t be playing any warrior mind tricks on us at the gym!

  20. These aren’t the burpees you’re looking for…

  21. austin — remind me to talk to you about crossfit endurance, if you haven’t heard about it. check it out: http://www.crossfitendurance.com
    might help you get to <13min 2 miler.
    and i thought you were like DOING the afpt test today...like officialy! i guess you were just doing it for practice? regardless....good job!

  22. I did do it “officially” but it was kind of a formality, since I’m nowhere near risking failing it. All that’s required to pass is 60% in each event. I have to do it again at the beginning of OSUT, another time at the end, and prior to Airborne school and finally prior to starting SFAS (minimum 70%). Then I’ll do it twice a year as long as I’m in. I have checked out the CF endurance site, I might have some questions for you and Kyle about it!

  23. good job austin! i think crossfit endurance would be awesome for you! get the info fo’ sho’! it’s time consuming but a group of our friends in atlanta have seen great results for faster, longer distance running.
    so i have an update on Mabel (that’s the nickname cori gave my shoulder) surgery is scheduled for feb 18th. i will be receiving arthroscopic surgery to repair a SLAP lesion in my labrum. they will also be repairing my bicep tendon that attaches to something around that area that are all stretched out. the doctor was almost able to dislocate my shoulder today with his finger. good times. funny thing… this injury is usually had by throwing athletes… guess my pitching arm will be good as new in a few months.
    i’ll be in a sling for about 4 weeks and then off to rehab for a couple of months. i should be back in the gym in about 4 months!! i will however be present for all frothy fridays! they can take the girl out of crossfit, but they can’t take crossfit out of the girl. not really sure if that works here, but i like the saying none-the-less!
    peace out fried trouts. see y’all on friday!

  24. please, please, please let me know if you need any help….(ah-hem, carter needs any help) ya’ll might need some grocery shopping help, puppy help, hair-fixing help, laundry help, etc. i will do whatever to make this as easy as possible for you.
    i’m so sorry that you are going through this. i know that i miss you in the gym….so get better soon! i’ll see you for NEXT frothy friday (going to GA this week)! love you!

  25. Yeah get well soon Amber! I’ll get Sri to explain what all the medical terms mean.
    Work has conspired against me tonight; won’t be at the gym. Flight leaves at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning, so I’ll see ya’ll next week.

  26. @Amber – fried trouts?

  27. Also, I can draw a picture on the white board Friday if anyone’s interested in visualizing Amber’s plight.

  28. I want to see Amber escape from a stright jacket lethal weapon style.

  29. well now that i can dislocate my shoulder… some have a straight jacket?

  30. I’ll be there to witness that! I’ll bring my best bottle of $2 chuck to share with you on Friday!!!

  31. take a pic of the pic sri draws! i wanna see! and video the straight jacket escape attempt! i wanna see that too!