WOD 02-15-2010

1 rep-max Snatch

Ten minute time limit, not including warm up.

Post load to comments.

Also, row a 2k today if you have time. 

This is a good time to practice all the elements of the snatch.  Especially if you are not ready to 1rm this movement. 


  1. What’s a good time goal for a 2k row, for the average crossfitter?

  2. Brain so so far above and beyond the average crossfitter, don’t sell yourself short

  3. That’s the idea, Putmanj; I’m asking what’s average so I can be sure to exceed it again today!
    No, seriously, thanks for the encouragement. I’d like to do the 2k row first today (while everyone else is snatchin’) then practice the snatch movement while others are rowing.
    I’m thinking a good time on the 2k row would be 7 or 8 minutes?

  4. kyle – sent you an email about tonight. plz let me know if this is ok.

  5. Cori, that sounds good to me.

  6. thanks!

  7. Kyle…how early will you arrive? I can get there early b/c i will only be rowing. no snatches for me.

  8. I’m thinking about doing the snatch and barf wod today. Any pointers?

  9. Snatch indoors, barf outdoors.
    [As for me, my 1RM will be whatever a PVC pipe weighs.]

  10. which wod in particular is the barf wod? i can think of a few!