WOD 03-06-2013

Snatch Balance 5-5-3-3-1-1
Deadlift 8-8-8 @ 70% 1 RM

Max Burpees in 5 Minutes

The first CF Open WOD will be announced this afternoon.

We will be judging the Open WOD on Saturday at 10:00. Open gym will end at 10:00 for this event. After the WOD we will be heading over to Saws Soul Kitchen and Avondale for some food and drink. All are welcome to attend.


  1. Anyone have any predictions for the first open work out? I’m going with 100 burpees for time.

  2. KyleDeneke says:

    I heard a rumor that it was going to be 1,000,000 Burpees for time.

  3. I am hoping for either of the following:

    5 minutes of wall balls
    10 minutes of Cindy

    If either of these are the WOD – I will take a nose strip too!

  4. Hoping for 50 Overhead Squats and 50 Muscle ups.
    I have Deer Antler Spray to get me through. I will also wear my livestrong bracelet.

  5. I’ve heard 7 minutes of burpees. what time are they supposed to announce? I think they try and keep the first ones fairly non-technical so everyone can get involved.

  6. I’m thinking a 15 Min. AMRAP
    15 Wall Balls
    15 Thrusters at 115#
    That should get the legs warmed up for the rest of the open wods.

  7. Man, I got my times all messed up. I thought it would be 3pm this afternoon, but I went the wrong way when converting from Left Coast time. So, 7pm our time is the announcement. Looks like I’ll be doing those 5 mintues of burpees this afternoon afterall.

  8. Cristin says:

    In for deer antler spray. Wod prediction: max back extensions in 5 min

  9. I hope the back extension prediction is wrong – that would be extremely painful. I think it will be pretty simple movements for this WOD to encourage another 10k to join in on the fun.

  10. Rebecca says:

    I hope it’s a sand run for time, which gives all of us an excuse to go to the beach.

  11. Looks like we are all wrong. Doesn’t look like I’ll make it to the 135# snatches…

  12. Hank Adams says:

    Someone bring the deer antler spray – looks like ill need it