WOD 03-07-2011

For time:

Run 800 M

50 KB swings 53/35#

50 Squats

Run 400 M

200 M Walking Lunge

20 Dead Hang Pull Ups

Run 400 M

50 Burpees

** The sub for Dead Hang Pull Ups is Dead hang Band Pull Ups.**

Don't forget, the deadline to register for the Rumpshaker is this Friday. 

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  1. You can’t be serious.

  2. Thanks Kyle…looks like a great way to start the week.

  3. I was just plugging this into BTWB…it’s the WOD that never ends!

  4. Another reason rainy days and mondays get me down… I didn’t make it to seaside so I’m going to join the lunch crew today since I’m off work.

  5. Have you lost your monkey-flippin’ mind?

  6. WOW!!!!!!! This is my first WOD in over a week due to my business trip and it may just kill me LOL

  7. It's a secret says:

    I’m actually kinda sad to miss this one simply because it would be interesting to see if I could actually finish it. Depending on what Wednesday and Friday’s WOD are, this may be my Saturday makeup. Good luck to everybody doing this today!

  8. It’s a secret – I feel the same way. Although, many times I’ve thought I’d make a WOD like this up on Saturday, and somehow when Saturday morning comes around…I’m just not feeling it. ;o)

  9. Looking forward to those dead-hang pull-ups! Kipping is for suckers.

  10. What is a dead-hang pullup?

  11. Let me go ahead and puke a little now…

  12. wow the 50 burpees after all that…
    is it just me or does everyone else secretly kinda look foward to such a brutal wod? lol

  13. Dead hang is just the standard pull up that you see most non-crossfitters doing (no momentum used, just muscles). In CrossFit we have the kipping and the butterfly, but occasionally you still see deadhang come up in WODS just to make sure we dont forget how to do them 🙂

  14. P.S. Thanks to all of you who have already registered for the Rumpshaker! It’s going to be a fun event! They are asking that each participant try to raise $20 for the event. All the funds go to research and education on colon cancer.

  15. Great job lunch crew!!!!!It is pretty nice being done with my working out before 1pm……… Thank you Kyle and Alima for adding the lunch time classes!!! Good luck evening peeps 🙂

  16. Since when did Monday become the new Wednesday? Recurring theme of “going to be sore”.

  17. Yes, good to be done – and back in pjs! 😉
    Fun times at lunch! Rock it evening peeps!

  18. Not gonna make this one….blamming it on the ankle