WOD 03-09-2012

Power Clean and Jerk Ladder 135/95#

Row 1000 M

We will collect Paleo Journals through Monday. We will be announcing the winner at an event in the near future.

Tough loss last night for the Kickball Team. Be sure to go out next week and support the team next week.


  1. lisa wilson says:

    I hate losing but at least we injured one of their players.

  2. Literally… here’s her post from Facebook: “X-ray revealed both wrist bones fractured and compressed. Splinted-up til the wrist specialist gets to possibly do surgery :/”

  3. Sad day, I hope that the injured person never reads this and gets better quick. Keep it classy y’all.

  4. AHHHH!!! i just realized i needed to submit my 12.3 score from friday and the submissions closed last night at 5p… ugh. oh well!

  5. lisa wilson says:

    Oh wow, I didn’t think she’d actually be injured. I thought she just had one too many to drink. It’s funny in an unfunny way! Hopefully she doesn’t have an permanent injuries, but that will be a good story to tell one day, after she gets the splints off.