WOD 03-11-2011

As many reps as possible of each of the following.  2 minutes per movement, no rest between movements.  Post total reps completed. 

1.  Box Jumps

2.  Wall Ball

3.  Burpees

4.  Hand Stand Push Ups

5.  Squats

Today is the last day to register as a part of team CFR for the Rumpshaker.  Don't be lame, register today. 


  1. Kyle Deneke says:

    I will post Wed. and Thurs. results this weekend.

  2. I second kyle. Don’t be lame 😉

  3. Nicole #1 and #2 just registered! :o)

  4. Registered.

  5. awesome! Thanks guys.
    Who is nicole #2?? Do you have a second personality we dont know about? 😉

  6. Haha! Lisa. Kyle can’t seem to keep us straight…keeps calling her Nicole. We also answer to Uno and Dos.

  7. I’m registered, right? Just checking.

  8. Nice Kyle. (He’s never been very good with name). 🙂
    Yes, Sri you are registered!

  9. Kristen kinstler says:


  10. I agree completely, KK. ;o) How are you doing, BTW????

  11. Kristen kinstler says:

    Not sure what the “j” above is about, but I just registered as a walker. I know that’s lame, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to run. This is a great cause. My dad’s a colon cancer survivor.

  12. Yay Kristen! Walking isn’t lame. Only not registering is lame! So glad you will be joiining us!
    And yay for your Dad – that is awesome!

  13. The Brain says:

    I’m in for team CFR.

  14. KK! miss seeing you but I just signed up as a walker with you! hope you don’t change your mind on me!
    see you soon!

  15. I’m registered

  16. of course, the one year i am not running this race! i’m just going to be the lone lame one. i will be thinking of you all while i’m spending a nice trip to gulf shores inside a gym yelling at 10-11 year old girls 😉
    great cause. great race. have fun!

  17. We miss you, Booslacker! When does the volleyball madness end?

  18. i will be celebrating on may 2nd!!! i’m torn between how to celebrate – a great wod or a big drink??? 😉

  19. Why not both? That could make for interesting results! Haha!

  20. wod first… big drink later… sounds good to me!!!