WOD 03-13-2013

Push Press 3-3-3-3-3

Hang Power Snatch 1-1-1-1

As many of you know the CFR race team won several races last year including the Rumpshaker. We have created a team for this years Rumpshaker. We hope you choose to join the team and help us win again. The details are below. All members are welcome to race on the team. The Rumpshaker is a great race for a great cause.
CrossFit Rebellion will have a team for the Rumpshaker 5k which will be on 3/30. If you’re interested in being on the team, please go to http://www.imathlete.com/events/Rumpshaker5K and select Team Registration. The registration fee is $20 thru this Saturday (3/9) but will increase to $25 afterwards.


  1. Crossfit says:

    So, I am resorting to posting this on the website, because I have tried to express some “constructive criticism” here and there and it was not taken very well, and I feel that at times I have been treated differently because of it. With that said, here are some things I have been unhappy with at the gym lately:

    1. New late rule- I am a paying client of your gym, I should not be made to do 20 burpees in front of the class because I am seconds late. It bothers me even more because rarely do classes start on time. If yall can’t be on time, I shouldn’t be penalized for not being on time. Again, this is a service that I am paying for, if I do not want to do something, it is my choice whether I do it or not. For example, if in the warm up, you say to do 10 squats, and I only do 8, that is my prerogative. This rule has multiple times discouraged me from coming to the gym on days that I may end up being 2 minutes late, which in turn, takes up somebody else’s potential spot.

    2. 5:15pm time- I work a full time day job until 5pm, leaving work, driving to the gym, and being ready to work out is almost impossible to do in 15 minutes

    3. Not listening to clients- I saw that on facebook once, you posted what would you like to see more of at the gym … not one of anyone’s suggestions were taken. I’ve heard yall say something along the lines of “people think doing lots of ab work is going to make them have abs, but it’s more than that”… but if your paying clients want to do ab work, give them ab work! I would really like to see a survey go out that asks questions like that, or maybe even just a suggestion box at the gym. It would benefit everyone, yall would know what people like and dislike, and clients will be happy that some things they have been desiring to see at their gym are being met. For example, what if you found out that people would like to see different things incorporated into the warm up, or multiple things as the skill? You would be able to make minor changes, and in turn make a lot of people happy!

    4. Programming- I have been researching a lot about crossfit lately, how there is a science behind this style of exercise and that each day at a crossfit gym should build upon the previous day’s WOD… I do not feel like this always happens at our gym. Sometimes 3 out of 5 of the workouts have burpees? Sometimes we get on a box jump kick, then not see them for a couple months. Or some weeks, we do tons of shoulder work, why? Doing tons of shoulders one week isn’t going to help strengthen them in the long run, like I said, it’s a building process

    5. Heat/AC- You all run a professional business. It shouldn’t be a question whether or not the building is heated or cooled regularly. Especially in the summer when it is extremely hot. It is always hit or miss whether someone remembers to turn on the heat/AC.

    I think CFR is great, I have made many friends here, and I want to see our gym grow and grow some more. You have so many things going for you (being located downtown, having reasonable prices, and more) and I just want to see you both capitalize and take advantage of it. I just feel like certain things are holding you back from going from a good gym to becoming a great gym.

    • Emris Graham says:

      Unlike you I have chosen to put my name down and not hide behind a computer. I do not post much to this blog but you have hit a nerve and I feel I must respond. I have been a member for 1 ½ years so I feel I have enough experience with CrossFit Rebellion to respond to your gripes. I am not going to go back and forth with you on this blog but I am going to respond to your comments above.

      To your point 1 you are exactly right that you should be able to do anything you want to do and not do anything you do not want to do. That same right applies to the management of CrossFit Rebellion. I think it is pretty simple that the management has the right to make the rules as they see fit and if you cannot follow them then you should go somewhere else. The rules are there to keep you from hurting yourself by not being properly warmed up. I have had to do 20 burpees for being late many times myself. It is part of the deal. If you are scared of doing 20 burpees in front of the class then maybe you are not man/woman enough to handle CrossFit. The times I have had to do burpees in front of the class I have gotten nothing but positive feedback and encouragement from the other members of the class. At the end of the day 20 extra burpees will only make you better. Some of the gyms I visit when traveling have 10 or 20 burpees per minute penalty for being late so I think CFR’s rule is reasonable.

      Point 2- I am sorry your schedule does not make the 5:15 class convenient. They have classes at other times you could attend. The class times where a result of surveys that were sent out which you complain about in your point #3.

      Point 3 – I do not think all of the clients are qualified to design the specifics WODs. I know I am not. This needs to be left to the trainers to figure out. If you don’t like the Wod go somewhere else and design your own workout.

      Point 4 – See final comments

      Point 5 – Stop whining. There is another box that is only a few blocks away that has ac/heat. I do like to complain about the cold/heat myself but I think it adds another element of conditioning to the workouts. For a 38 year old, the summer heat kills me but it makes me better.

      Final Comments – CrossFit Rebellion is a community that I am proud to be a part of. It has changed my life for the positive in so many ways. Everybody there encourages me to do better every time I am in the gym. I am usually the one finishing last and I have NEVER ONCE felt like people were looking down on me because of my personal performance. It is about effort and attitude. In my opinion it is a disservice to the community to change things to suit one person’s particular need.

      Based on what you have written I think you should get certified and open your own box. Then you will be able to make the rules. An alternative would be you could start going to Curves with my Grandmother where there is heat/ac, there are no burpees, you can do whatever exercises you want and you can come and go as you please.

      Kyle/Alima please feel free to delete this post if you feel it is inappropriate.

    • Dear “Crossfit”:

      I get your complaints; I really do, but I feel the absolute need to respond. The most important response is to that of being treated differently for your criticisms. Since I joined CFR, I have constantly offered suggestions and opinions about warmups, WOD, policies, everything. Unfortnately, CFR can’t implement everything that everyone wants to do, so I don’t have a problem with most of my suggestions/opinions resulting in no changes. However, I have never been treated in any way other than professional and personable at CFR. I’d challenge anyone who disagreed with me on this.

      1 & 2. New Late Rule / 5:25 – Show up on time. If you can’t make the 5:15, try the 6 or 6:15. There is one every day except Friday. Complaining that you can’t make the time you signed up for is just poor planning. The penalty is just. CFR isn’t the only place with a late penalty. Some CrossFits won’t let you join a class if the warmup has started. The penalty at my last “box” was 50 burpees. If you signed up and didn’t come, you had to do 80 burpees before your next WOD. It may seem Draconion on the surface, but if you don’t show up on time, the trainers can’t do their job properly. If you don’t show up at all, then someone is missing out on the opportunity to be trained. (You skipped whole classes because you didn’t want to do 20 burpees? You’re there for fitness, right? This seems totally counter-intuitive to me.)

      3. Not listening to clients – I think I addressed this above, an Donna probably said it best. CFR can’t do everything that everyone wants. Hopefully CFR is a good fit for you. I know it is for me. It’s probably not perfect, but they do take suggestions under consideration. I’m not sure if “ab work” is a legitimat complaint of yours or just a random example. But how often do you hear the trainers say “tighten your core?” Almost daily. That’s ab work. It might not be the situps you want, but there’s nothing preventing you from hammering out 50 of those on the GHD when you’re done with your WOD. We also do L-sits as a skill fairly often – awesome ab workout. I think I found the facebook post you referenced. The suggestions are all over the board: from situps with wallballs to Atlas Stone to heavy squats to rest. It’s pretty impossible to implement more of everything.

      4. Oh, the science of programming. I kind of don’t want to get into this one because it’s such a tricky issue. Kyle has a wealth of experience in programming not only CrossFit type WOD, but also strength-based workouts. He clearly spends a lot of time and though behind the process. I assure you it isn’t as random as you think. By the way, CrossFit HQ essentially teaches to randomize the WODs in type, duration, and movement. (In what way do you think Tuesday’s main site OHS lift built on Monday’s deadlift/sprint WOD? It doesn’t.) The programming at CFR is suffiently varied and considered.

      5. Heat/ A/C – What? This is a CrossFit Box (even if that term always leaves a funny taste in my mouth), not a day spa. The heat is on when it absolutely need to be. Anymore would be disgusting to workout in. I’ll take a little chill over a heated gym anyday. A/C isn’t going to stay in the building. Even if the bay doors were closed and we ran through the lobby (that should be fun when classes overlap) to do our runs, how “cooled” do you really need a gym to be? My last CrossFit had no A/C in either of their two locations, and I actually kind of liked it. Working out in optimal conditions doesn’t necessarily beget optimal results. I know you’ve seen Rocky IV.

      I’m glad you ended on a positive note. I’ll try to as well. CFR is an amazing place with incredible people. I can assure you that your suggests are not ignored and no one believes you aren’t entitled to your opinions. Even though they aren’t implemented, keep bringing them. It’s our collective imput that makes this place better. God speed, fellow athlete.

    • Theme song for the thread today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cDLZqe735k

    • Just so you know “crossfit” I showed up late on purpose today to make sure I did 20 burpees just to prove you are a whining little bi-atch. If I can do it anybody can.

  2. Thanks for the criticism, but I have a hard time taking any of it seriously when you don’t have the nerve to put your name.

  3. This isn’t meant to me a “love it or leave it” response, but really a lot of these things just may boil down to maybe needing to find a place that’s a good fit for you. The 5:15 time may not work for you, but it sure is booked to capacity a lot – which means it works for a ton of people. The programming is intrinsic to a box’s personality – if you opened a gym, for instance, it would have your own take on the programming. So, if you’re not happy with this programming style or your results, go look for something that fits you better. What I expect would not work is programming by committee which appears to be what you have in mind. If you want “ab work” (which is so NOT Crossfit, but that’s another story), do “ab work” on your own. And, I actually like the variations in temperature, except when it’s to the extreme. CrossFit is about randomization, about testing yourself in different conditions, about putting yourself through stuff in hot and cold and humidity and perfect weather. But, again, that’s a preference thing, and it may just be that CFR isn’t the right fit. That’s not good or bad – different strokes and all that. I know one thing fro sure, business owners can’t please everyone all the time, so CFR has to make the right call for what works best in the big scheme of things. I hope you find what works best for you, whether it’s a CFR or elsewhere.

  4. On another note – what are folks’ guesses for 13.2? I see box jumps and thrusters (<-said in scary "I see dead people" voice).

  5. http://www.lifetimefitness.com….. I heard that they are strongly recruiting new members and I bet that they run the AC/heat all the time and you could probably find a personal trainer there that will allow you to do as few squats in your warmup and as many sit ups in your workout as you please.

    Sorry Kyle and Alima, not trying to advertise other businesses on here but reading this anonymous comment first thing this morning has my blood boiling. I am speaking on my own for the majority but pretty sure that 99.9% of your members appreciate all that you do for us.

    AND I remembered to add an “S” to my name so the new(er) Casey wouldn’t have to defend himself against my comment LOL

    • As a fellow business owner, I’m extremely aware of just how impossible it is to make every client happy all the time. My company and employees try so hard to keep our clients happy, but the best we’ve done is to make most of our clients happy most of the time. CFR isn’t perfect but Kyle and Alima really work hard to create a challenging environment with a great community. I think you should be proud. I’ve found both of you to be helpful, accommodating and interested in me and my health. We don’t always agree on everything but that’s okay. I trust that you have our best interest in mind. As a result, here are a few of my accomplishments. I’m in the best shape of my adult life (and close to my whole life). I’ve lost 10% of my body weight. I’ve moved from dead last in workouts to somewhere close to the middle. I’ve stopped eating perservatives, dyes, processed food, etc. finally, I keep getting told I look skinny (not a phrase I’m used to hearing). I would urge the anonymous poster to ask themselves if they’ve honestly bought in to this way of life. I have and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.

  6. Hey, everyone remember CFR built this body and it can do the same for you 🙂

  7. I wish there was a “like” button on this thing…

  8. Donna, I was thinking the exact same thing. And this is the most I have commented on this site in a really long time LOL

  9. She says that…

  10. Wow, great way to kick off the day. I would usually avoid addressing this type of anonymous posting, however due to some gross inaccuraciesI felt compelled to do so.

    1. We strive to crate a fair and inclusive environment at CFR. As such we have imposed certain rules to keep the gym flowing smoothly for everyone’s benefit. It is our perogative and responsibity to operate CFR in a way that is most beneficial for the group as a whole. At times, this “group before the individual” attitude will offend some individuals. We can not place an individual over the group. If you don’t want to be a part of a group training gym where people are held accountable to the group as a whole, CFR is not the right gym for you. If we instruct you to do 10 squats and you choose to do 8 then it is your choice and that speaks to your character. It also explains your post above. If 20 Burpees is to difficult for you to do prior to a class then CrossFit may be too challenging for you anyways. In no way should 20 Burpees dissuade you from coming to a class. You are inaccurate to say that classes rarely start on time. Classes almost always start on time, I personally see to that on an almost daily, class by class basis. Please site occurrences of the persistent late starts.

    2. We offer a 6:15 class. 5:15 is not our last class of the day. The 5:15 class is our most popular class time. It is waitlisted everyday. Again the group before the individual

    3. We did not post on Facebook asking for programming suggestions. That was posted by someone who updated our page for us at the time. While we do love suggestions and ideas, it is not possible to use them all. In some cases the suggestions are not feasible for the size of the group we have. As Donna stated, we can’t program by committee. Further, part of the efficacy of any CF program is the fact that you are forced to do things that you don’t always like but need to improve on. The whole ab-work mindset really shows a true misunderstanding of both exercise physiology and CrossFit as a program. That is probably my fault for not doing more to educate people on these topics. I accept the blame for that.

    4. Regarding the programming at CFR. I too have been spending a lot of time researching CrossFit programing. Not just recently, but over the last 5 or 6 years.
    Clearly, we don’t use the same sources for our research. Our program is results and research driven. Our program leads to solid results and unusually low injury rates when compared to other gyms. CrossFit is by definition, Constsntly Varried Functional Movements Performed at High Intensity. I defy you to point out any of the CFR programming that does not meet that criteria. You are not qualified to make assessments on the appropriateness of CFR programming unless you have sat down with me and reviewed the programming template that I have created for our gym, as well the monthly, quarterly and yearly objectives that I have laid out for our gym, all of which are data driven. I think the fact that people are constantly setting new PR’s on WODs and lifts validates our programming more than I can in this post. You are entitled to like or dislike the programming,but judging its value may be beyond your reach with out more understanding of our programming philosophy.

    5. You are correct, we do run a professional business and it should not be about whether the building is heated or cooled. However, you are incorrect about people not remembering to turn the heat or air on. We choose not to. Training in the elements is part of our program.

    I too love CFR. I have made many friends at CFR. It is truly awesome to be able to own a business and know each of your clients by name. It is something that I am greatful for. CFR does have many things going for it, but it is not about rates or location. The members are our biggest asset. So often we have new members tell us how welcome and at home they feel. That is a testament to our members. If rates and location are the main value you see in this place then you have missed the point and it is no surprise that you feel as you do. Our gym is already a great place and our goal is to keep it that way. We are a gym built around the group, not an individual. The person who posted above is more concerned with what is best for them and not everyone else. It is evident in their posting.

    You are as you put it ” paying client.” However, if you are dissatisfied, you can change that with a simple phone call or email. I encourage you to do so. Negativity is bad for the gym vibe and we don’t need it at CFR.

    Thanks to all of you for the support on this thread, as well as via email and text. The members truly make CFR the best gym around.

    • Kyle – I know how sometimes you hate to dissappoint your clients. So, if you feel the need to accomodate this person, I will take my Richard Simmons costume out of retirement and lead a Jazzercise class. I would be happy to include an abs section at the end of class for no additional charge. Just something to consider….

      • Id sign up for that. I might even pay a little extra…

      • in on this.

      • Crystal is in for Jazzercise. That makes 3. Just 12 more for a full class. Spaces are filling up fast make sure to sign in.

      • Sign me up. I’ll be wearing one of those thong spandex thingies.

      • As someone who used to go to Globo-gyms and watch people Jazzercise and Zumba for laughs, I would thoroughly enjoy a Jazzercise class at CFR. Kyle and Alima, please add this to the Friday schedule and let us bring drinks to watch. It would bring Frothy Friday to a whole new level!

        • Bringing back Frothy Friday but with live Zumba/Jazzercise entertainment! I like the way you think Lauren!

  11. I think I speak for everyone when i say this…the original thread said it started March 13, 2013 at 1:04PM, that is incorrect because it is not currently the afternoon yet. Can someone forward this issue to the IT department because I was used this time to plan my day and was late to work. Thanks.

  12. I think I will actually act on the time stamp complaint ASAP.

  13. I assume you mean Step?

  14. Did someone mention my name? I’m sure I saw lazy somewhere above… oh well…

    Back to complaints, my complaint is the tp in the bathroom. Its rough on my tushy…

  15. Will I have to do 20 burpees if I am late because I can’t pull myself away from this thread??? Kidding, leaving now 😉

  16. Ted Watt says:

    WOD 3/13/2013 preference:

    Warmup – touch your toes
    WOD – walk around gym wearing one of those Ab massaging belts you see on info-mercials.
    Room Temp – 73.3 F
    Kyle – not a fraction higher or lower
    Suggestion Box – I would like a massuse to serve me spring water and a cold rag pre and post WOD
    Programming – M-Ab Day, T- really tough Ab day, W-active recovery Ab day, Th-Ab day with post WOD tanning bed, F-Alima, we really need to incorporate more abs, spring break is in like 4 weeks and I’m trying to get my “situation” on at the beach.

    Thanks! 🙂

  17. To crossfit: I admire and respect those who have taken the time to respond to each and every complaint you voiced. My two cents: I haven’t been at CFR long enough to defend the specifics of programming/late policies/AC/ab work, but I’ve been human long enough to know an entitlement problem when i see one.

    For what it’s worth, I suggest you embrace not only this specific community, but the TYPE of community crossfit provides, for spending time within it might just push you to grow beyond this type of passive-aggressive behavior.

  18. “that was way too deep”?

    i mean, i’m obligated to go with “that’s what she said.”

  19. Who would have thought this would have turned into the best thread ever?! You guys are awesome. I’ve been laughing all day reading it.

    • I have been refreshing this CFR page more today than when I am waiting for Kyle to post a WOD 🙂

  20. And Donna I love that you’ve created your own “like” button. 🙂

  21. I just logged on here and saw 41 comments… didn’t know what I would end up reading. After coming from another local Crossfit gym to CFR over a year ago, I can say that the community found here overrides any personal preferences/entitlements we might feel the need to have at times. If someone doesn’t like it, feel free to take your money and join another gym, at least it would free up space in classes. While we might not always know what Kyle has in mind with his programming, I can say that after 9 months, it has resulted in numerous PRs and less injuries for me vs. my previous experience.

    Now, onto 13.2…

  22. I think we might have PRd the number of comments on a thread in one day, but ill have to check my journal

  23. New name for the gym – CFPOWD

    Crossfit Pack of Wild Dogs

    • Will the new gym have AC and fruity drinks with umbrellas? If not I bet Froning with never come by and visit…

      • Two words: juice bar. I’m thinking in the back part of the men’s changing room that doesn’t really get used.

    • With tropical fruit, maybe CFPOWD could be like, Crossfit Island of the Blue Dolphins…
      All this selflessness has inspired me to miss class and go to a departmental event that I would normally’ve blown off (after slinking out of work early…)…And even though it pains me to be absent (from class, not work) – anyway, the original poster comes off as a person who is very conscientious about their job, hates being perceived as casually late, is extremely frustrated by the time change (which unfortunately worked for a lot of people), and who really does care.

  24. Roxanne Combs says:

    Hello to the writer of this mornings original post! I would have loved to private message you or speak to you in person, but I don’t see your name anywhere. I would like to offer my point of view/ advice, as a fellow crossfitter and CFR team member. You can take it or leave it, it’s up to you! I am a new to CFR, but have been crossfitting for almost two years.

    1. New late rule- my last box required 25 burpees if we were late or didn’t sign up for a workout. 20 for being late- if I can still get a workout in, then heck yeah! 20 extra burpees is good for me! I’ve done them once for being late. I just did them off to the side. Nobody stared and crossfitters don’t judge. I chose CFR as my box. I follow the rules.

    2. 5:15 p.m. Class time- I work a full time job and don’t get off until 5:45-6:30. There are a couple classes that accommodate my needs. It’s early mornings at 6:30 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and Fridays at noon. I come in on Saturdays and do Wednesdays wod. I chose CFR as my box. I find time to make it to whatever class I can, whether its earlier or later than I’d like.

    3. Client suggestions- as far as I know Kyle and Alima have an “open door” policy. If I have a question, comment or concern I know I can go directly to them. They are very approachable and knowledgable, along with all the other coaches. I disagree with suggestion boxes filled with anonomys tips. No offense, but most of us aren’t certified, nor have been trained in writing wods.. I’ve been to globo gyms, joined running groups, had personal trainers, and have done my share of group workout classes. They weren’t for me, Crossfit is. I don’t have to walk into a gym and decide if I’m gonna do bi’s/tri’s or ab’s/ cardio. Heck no! I pay to have productive workouts written for me by a certified coach. I chose CFR- I let Kyle do his job and trust him as my coach. I put the time and effort in and I get results.

    4. Heat/AC- hmmmmmmm. Well, my last box ( Crossfit Kemah in Texas) nor any box I’ve visited has been heated or with A/C, although I do hear there are some. When the coaches turn on the heat to cut the chill a bit or turn a fan on to get air circulating, it’s a treat. I’m not gonna lie and say its always ideal weather for wanting to do a crossfit wod. Especially the ones where the heat index is well over 100 degrees and the sweat is burning my eyes. Or it’s raining and we have to do a sandbag run. Or it’s freezing and we have to pick up a heavy bar. But I’m a Crossfitter. I come prepared and ready to do work- layered clothing, running shoes in my car, bug spray, knee socks, grips, headband, etc.. I Chose CFR as my box. I’ll perform whatever wod, posted or not, in whatever weather condition.

    When I moved from Houston to Birmingham I did my research to find a box that would be a good fit for me. Some were too pricey, some were in shopping centers with AC/ heat, some promoted product heavily, some I heard negative feedback about. I chose Crossfit Rebellion. I’ve met nothing but great people, have skilled coaches, and get results. Im proud to say its my “crossfit home”. My advice is to choose a box or workout program that’s right for you. If you stick with Crossfit I challenge you. I challenge you to be on time, do the burpees if your not, pick classes that work for you and stick to your schedule, do all reps in a warmup, do all reps full out in a wod, go heavier, pick a skill and set a goal, stay 5-10 minutes after working on it, come prepared, talk to your coaches, cheer on your teammates, help put up equipment, help a newbie out, offer words of encouragement, be positive, and be proud of your box!!!!

    Like I said , it’s entirely my opinion and you can take it or leave it, but the challenge is there! Thanks y’all !

    Roxanne Combs

  25. Damn. That was absolutely, perfectly said, Roxanne. Thanks. (There’s no “damn that was good” button either.)

  26. At this point, definitely a PR on comments Robby. No need to check your log book.

  27. Yeah, wish I read this earlier today. I thought I could just lay in bed but some mental images mentioned earlier are keeping me from closing my eyes. CFR and crossfit in general is not a workout, its a life style. You choose to be here; you aren’t forced. I have been apart of some of the most grueling wods I could have ever tried to conceive and I am made stronger both physically and mentally by the programming.

    This place is more than a gym, its something different to all of us.

    So if you can’t take the heat (or cold), get out of the kitchen !!

  28. You know, Kyle, for a modest fee I can fix that timestamp issue…

  29. You know, Kyle, for a modest fee I can fix that timestamp issue…
    By the way, I credit Crossfit Rebellion with my newfound ability to ski backwards!

  30. …ski backwards on purpose, that is.

  31. Ashley M says:

    I haven’t had laughs like that in a while…y’all are the best! I haven’t been able to come to WODs as much lately and it tells me a lot that I miss CFR as much as I do! I would kill to be able to make it in time to do 20 burpees and join the WOD at all! Hats off to Kyle and Alima – you should be very proud of the community you have created. 🙂

  32. I want to post. We need 70 comments. 69 looks weird

  33. I can’t believe you ruined the 69, Craig. So lame.