WOD 03-15-2013

Partner WOD
Split any way you want, partners can’t do the same thing at the same time.

9,000/6,000# Thrusters
100 Pull Ups
150 Push Ups
80 Burpees

****The Registration Deadline for the team is Saturday*****
As many of you know the CFR race team won several races last year including the Rumpshaker. We have created a team for this years Rumpshaker. We hope you choose to join the team and help us win again. The details are below. All members are welcome to race on the team. The Rumpshaker is a great race for a great cause.
CrossFit Rebellion will have a team for the Rumpshaker 5k which will be on 3/30. If you’re interested in being on the team, please go to http://www.imathlete.com/events/Rumpshaker5K and select Team Registration. The registration fee is $20 thru this Saturday (3/9) but will increase to $25 afterwards.


  1. Crossfit says:

    Anyone want to be my partner this evening?

  2. No can do…no ab work. Sorry.

    • I almost didn’t go in today because it was warm this afternoon and there isn’t any AC. I went anyway and grabbed a spot by one of the doors. The breeze saved me.