WOD 03-18-2012

For Time:
Power Snatches 135/95#
Dead Hang Pull Ups

Skill: 12 one armed kettle bell swings on each arm. 44/26# scale as needed.

Great job on the Open WOD this past weekend. Thanks to all the judges and participants.


  1. The 135lb snatch and I are still not on speaking terms

  2. Crossfit is making me want to have a sex change just to do the lighter weights 🙁

  3. Next someone will start gripin about the lack of heat or AC…

  4. It’s kind of humid today too. You guys should do something about that. I shouldn’t have to work out in humidity. It really messes up my hair.

  5. Is that a stab at my lack of hair? That was rude.