WOD 03-19-2010

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
20 minute time limit
Post load to comments

Frothy Friday
No classes tomorrow


  1. DIG! a chance for me to finally 435.
    btw, my calves are still crrrrushed from that box jump WOD. anyone else? robyn, chuck, alison… stretch ’em today or you’ll pay dearly tomorrow and/or sunday.

  2. Thanks Carter. its always 2 days later that get you.
    I cannot believe this wod has come up this week. Shame on me for trying to do my own thing on Saturdays.
    I may have to do something else tonight. Not sure if my back is ready to try this again.

  3. aw, man… i can’t believe i’m missing this one. i have yet to do a one-rep max deadlift. oh well, next time!
    robyn, you could do the wod from yesterday morning – shoulder presses/situps/burpees/squats. it’s a good one and not bad on the back!

  4. Speaking of Frothy Friday. Started a batch of homebrew last Sunday. When is the paleo challenge over?

  5. The challenge has about 40 days to go.

  6. The Brain says:

    “DIG! a chance for me to finally 435.”
    @Carter…atta’boy, that’s the spirit, but as of now I think we’ve only got 405lbs possible as a max load on the bar. I’m not saying I’m going to need more than that this afternoon, but then again I’m not “not” saying that…

  7. gonna motor through some DLs tonight when i get there… which pry won’t be ’til 6:30 or so… ready for the frothy part of friday to begin. forgoing a fridge full of beer here at work for the DLs, though… will power… will… power…