WOD 03-20-2013

Burpee Ladder

Muscle Up or Bar Muscle Up practice.

Row 1K

We will be judging Open WOD 13.3 this Friday after the 5:30 class. Be sure to get in and get your WOD.


  1. I think it’ll be in everyone’s best interest if I do 13.3 out back with tires. It’s safe to say that my rope may get thrown a few times…

  2. Can we do crunches after the row?

    • well it’s gonna be pretty cold tomorrow and I don’t plan on running the heat. Are you sure you can handle it?

  3. Can we sub sit-ups for the burpees?? Really needing some more ab work.

  4. Crossfit says:

    Sorry about being so lame and whiny lately. It is just that last week I realized that my lulus’ were see through, Also, I scuffed up my new Reebok Nanos and got a stain on my super awesome pink knee high socks. Additionally, I lost one of my wrist wraps and couldn’t find enough chalk to cover my entire body before the WOD started. How am I supposed to be “elite” when all that happens and I have to do 8, I mean 10 squats in the warm up. Thanks for everyone being so understanding. Now I need to go take 100 fish oil capsules and down my Advocare and Progynex recovery drinks. I feel a sub 19 minute (scaled) Fran in my future.
    Crossfit OUT…
    PS, can someone please put more Carly Rae Jepsen in the playlist, she speaks to me when I am Woding!

  5. Not Deuce says:

    Thats some funny stuff right there. Especially the Carly Rae stuff.

    PS Carly Rae is hot!!!

    PPS, I dont know if shes hot or not but I thought it was funny.

  6. Headed to do 13.3 here in Orlando. Disney junk food improves performance, right?

  7. I can’t say for sure. As you know,I have successfully boycotted Disney for 33 years.
    However,since it is called the Magic Kingdom, I am sure it will make you more awesome.

  8. Being judged by people who don’t know you and know they’ll never see you again adds a lot of accountability. My score was low, but the reality check was awesome. Anyone who is judging Friday, make sure you do the same. It ultimately is a gift.

    • Way to take the Open on the road, Donna! We should add an element of mental toughness for 13.3 tomorrow night, in your honor….playing It’s a Small World. On repeat.

  9. Funny story: most terrifying experience imaginable is when you’re on THAT RIDE and it stalls. Dude on the recorded message says,”Small world passengers, your ride is paused. Please remain seated. The ride may start again at any time.” Then, they just started cranking that song, over and over. Notebit said “may.”. I did not run screaming from the ride. I’m proud of that.