WOD 03-20-2013

Buy in
Run 800 M
3 Rounds
15 Power Cleans 115/80#
15 Wall Ball 20/14#
Cash out
Run 800 M

Skill: 3 L-Sits (20 sec)
20 Back Extensions

Open WOD will be judged this Friday after the 5:30 class.


  1. Is the last 800 a cash out or part of the 3 rounds?

  2. There is a buy in and a cash out of 800 M.

  3. Cash out. I added that on the post to clarify.

  4. Got it… thanks

  5. Not Deuce says:

    Will the smoothie bar be up and running, cause that mile aint no fun…

  6. This gym needs more running. It is an outrage that the 800m run isn’t included in the 3 rounds. Running would help my abs…

  7. Loving being able to run again! This beautiful weather makes it much more bearable for us non-running types!

  8. This WOD is too confusing. I’m going to sub-in sit ups, hanging leg raises and stretching for time and you can’t stop me!

  9. hahahahah thats awesome!

  10. FYI, 6pm.com has inov-8 flite 195s on sale today ($60)