WOD 03-21-2011

Run 800 M
50 Thrusters 95/65#
50 Box Jumps
Run 800 M
30 Kettle Bell Swings 53/35#
30 Dead Hang Pull Ups
Run 800 M

Sub for Dead Hang is Band Assisted Dead Hang Pull Ups

Remember: No Lunch Class Wednesday. 


  1. sounds brutal. i’ll be there.

  2. Kyle Deneke says:

    Please make plans to attend the St. Jude Charity WOD on April 16th. We have arranged some really good sponsors and it is going to be great event. We have a sign up sheet hanging in the front of the gym. We hope to have a lot of CFR people in attendance. We are inviting other CF people from around the community. Let’s make this a great event and raise a lot of money to help St. Judes.

  3. Also, on the St. Jude’s event, they have an online system that makes it super easy – the instructions are on the packets at the gym. But that lets people make on-line donations which is always easier these days.

  4. quick question re: st. jude charity wod… do you know what format it’s going to be yet? what time it will start? i’m now a MAYBE (yippee!) 🙂

  5. I hate that we are going to miss the St Jude WOD but we will be in Tampa 🙁
    This is going to be my first WOD in almost three weeks and I am a little bit scared…… 🙂

  6. Casey, I am so nervous about this WOD too…

  7. Kyle Deneke says:

    The St. Jude WOD will be Fran. We will have RX’d and scaled divisions for both men and women. The Registration period will be from 8:30-9:00 am. We will start the first group at 9:10 AM.

  8. Someone left a canvas bag with Christmas trees stamped on it at our house yesterday. I meant to bring it to the gym at lunch and leave it but I forgot, will try to remember to send it with Billy this evening. If it’s your bag be on the look out for it at the gym 🙂
    Good job lunch peeps!!! Hardcore but awesome WOD!

  9. Big ups to the lunch crew! Not only were we dominating that WOD, but dodging Mack trucks carrying skate park equipment while running those 800s made it even more challenging. And Casey, welcome back! We missed you!

  10. Those trucks were like an obstacle course! Thanks Shera, felt GREAT to be back!!!!

  11. Nice job lunch timers! To bad all of your times will slowly wither off the leader boards as the evening gang desimates all you worked so hard for! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  12. lunch timers ROCKED it! i mean, dodging trucks, inhaling exhaust & bread fumes, pounding sun – it was awesome! PLUS, DAVE GOT A DEAD HANG PULL UP!
    btw, i JUST stopped sweating :\ haha!

  13. i just woke up.

  14. Dena Harris says:

    I wanted to hijack this to say a quick than you to everyone who is participating in the Rumpshaker 5K this Saturday. I can’t tell you how much it means to see CF Rebellion representing!
    A special thank you to Kyle and Alima for helping get the word (not WOD) out on this. Thank You!

  15. This was definitely hard! Great job today everybody! I’m glad it’s over. :o)

  16. Michael Scott says:


  17. :o)

  18. so at the lunch wod yesterday, it was pointed out to chris by an unnamed cfr member (not me!) that he should probably write out “box jumps” and not list it as “50 bjs” – haha! sorry, i had to share and i’m just now remembering from the exhaustion of yesterday’s wod!

  19. You know Kyle will now be developing a snatch/box jump WOD…

  20. Ha! I forgot about that too Jackie 🙂