WOD 03-24-2011

Deadlift 225/155#
Hand Stand Push Up

Don't forget to sign up for the St. Jude charity WOD.


  1. I hate that I am missing this WOD… Will have to make it up on Saturday after Rumpshaker. Alima, will you bring me a CFR shirt? I’ll bring $ for you:)

  2. This is my new favorite WOD. LOVED it!

  3. Now for the not so good news. The shirts came in. The tshirts and wicking shirts look good. However, we are really dissapointed with the tanks. We’ve contact the company and are waiting to hear back. But unfortunately I don’t think we are going to have tanks for the race on Saturday. 🙁 So sorry girls. We are really dissapointed about this. I really wanted everyone to have CFR shirts to wear for Saturday if they wanted one. But I do not want people to pay for a shirt that we do not feel proud of.
    So hopefully we can get them re-printed quickly, but I doubt we will have them for Saturday.

  4. oh. dirty diane. ugh.

  5. Just so I don’t get short-changed on my reps, what is rx’d form for a handstand push-up?

  6. The rx standard is head touching the ground at the bottom and arms locked out at the top for each rep. I know that stinks for some of you with monkey arms, but I bet there are others wods where they give you an advantage 🙂

  7. That was actually me who posted that last post. Kyle why have you been using my phone???

  8. today, alima informed me my arms inhibit my hspu… i’m glad to know it’s that and not lack of coordination 😉

  9. one more thing – in regards to april 16th being the st. jude wod… will there be a different day that week designated for the cf games qualifier wod as saturday will be the charity wod event? thanks!

  10. Tenacious D says:

    What’s the scaled version/alternate for the HSPU part?

  11. D – it’s anywhere from a box push-up (your feet up on a box in kind of a triangle position) to a regular push-up, depending on your ability level.
    Jackie – your arms inhibit your HSPU? My coordination inhibits my HSPU.
    I didn’t want a tank shirt ANYWAY! But I’ll take one of the wicking shirts.

  12. Kyle has standardized testing today so I will answer for him, but he may decide to change it. At one point he mentioned that people would have to do the wod at another affiliate that day. If it’s only a few of you it might be possible to do it Friday night.
    On the scaled hspu you have a couple options. You can stack 1-2 ab mats and touch your head to those instead of the floor. Or if you aren’t comfortable with the handstands yet you can elevate your feet on a box.

  13. Tenacious D says:

    With my lack of coordination I’ll opt for the box pushups. Let’s leave my cervical cord outta this!
    Brain, we ordered you a CF Rebellion speedo for warm weather workouts.

  14. great… now i can’t eat lunch. :\

  15. Jackie – why not? Was Dena’s “cervical cord” comment too much?

  16. yep, that was it, brain… it was all about the cervical cord.

  17. p.s. where i work, when the word “cervical” is used, the first area thought of is NOT the neck… so it took me a minute on that “cervical cord” comment. 🙂