WOD 03-28-2014

Partner Battle
5 Rounds:
9 Burpees
Med Ball Cleans 20/14#
One partner completes 9 Burpees while the other partner completes as many med ball cleans as possible. Each partner will complete 5 full rounds of both Burpees and Med Ball Cleans. Partner with the most med ball cleans wins. Loser must make up the difference in double push up burpees.

Skill: 35 hip extensions
Mobility: foam roll legs for 3 minutes.



  1. I always admire the agility of other people’s burpees. Rebecca is just one person I would admire as super efficient, among many.
    I learn a lot from random stuff that Anna says (like put your feet closer to the box when you jump). Kyle was having her demo a burpee one day and I really saw that she was consciously pushing up off the ground and then easily got back on her feet. Totally still slow, but just watching her do that one day really helped me.
    Not to diminish the powerful influence of Peter and his broomstick in any way, though.

  2. CFR is full of athletes with strengths across the broad spectrum of CrossFit skills. That’s what makes it so cool: the ability we have to watch, learn from, and encourage one another as we all hone our skills! Great coaching is important, but the way you guys push yourselves and put what you hear into practice is really what equals progress. So proud of all the CFR athletes!