WOD 03-30-2010

Seven rounds for time:
135/95 # front squat 6 reps
7 L pull ups
You must clean the weight.
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  1. my time was 11:38. i should’ve gotten sub 10. oh well. next time. come on you strong guys…what ya got? shane should get sub 7.

  2. i’d also like to say good job to jackie for going heavy with 85 and pushing through it and to jeff on his first time doing front squats! the morning crew rocked it!

  3. I *think* I can get sub-10… I just have to remind myself that it’s *only* 7 cleans. Riding the momentum from 55 unbroken burpees this AM! Thanks for the advice, Kyle!

  4. Does this mean clean the weight for each squat? Or just at the beginning of the set of 6?

  5. Beginning of each set of squats only. Unless you drop. Then you’d have to clean it again.
    Great job, a.m. Crew.

  6. i think my time was 16:37… i can’t remember, that was two hours ago! haha!
    yes, good job a.m. group! thanks to all for the instruction and motivation – this wod was definitely deceiving! now, in search of ways to improve my hamstring flexibility…
    p.s. susanna, if you log on today – i hope you’re feeling better!

  7. What is the difference between a L pull up and a regular pull up?

  8. an L pull-up is with your legs out in front of you (your body forms an “L” shape) while pulling up… a regular pull-up your body is mostly vertical during the movement.
    here’s a demo of L pull-up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZSst-g4aeo

  9. BK….you do a pull up with your legs out in front of you. So, your body is in the shape of an L. There is a sub for this if you can’t do it, but I don’t recall right off what that is….anyone? is it knees to elbows? if so, what is the ratio?

  10. 1 pull up (dead hang, kipping, band-assisted, however you need to get above the bar) and 1 leg raise (straight legs brought to waist level while hanging from bar) for EACH L pull up.
    so, 7 each of pull ups and leg raises sub for 7 L Pull ups.

  11. I am not deceived. 7 rounds of anything is a bunch, then you got Kyle gettin’ feisty and slapping on 3 extra squat reps.

  12. yes, donna, but he went less heavy (thank goodness). it would’ve been 130# rxd female, 185# rxd male. ouch!

  13. Good point – ’tis a fair trade.

  14. sri – what was the advice for the burpees? i accept your sub 10 challenge! i think you and shane will be good at this one since your deadhangs L-pullups are really good. But as always it’s harder than you think!!!! 🙂

  15. Essentially that the best way to get anything out of the burpee challenge is to try and do each day’s set unbroken. It gave me some great motivation for whatever reason…

  16. brian k – you had dinner with andrew and sarah last night! what a small world!!! 🙂

  17. my goal is always unbroken sets! doesn’t necessarily work out that way….but at least my intentions are really good! (makes me feel a little better bout myself to have good intentions)

  18. yeah, drew is my best friend and as a result ive gotten to know sarah very well. crossfit brings us all together 🙂

  19. On Dr. Mercola’s website today…
    He is NOT a fan of Agave. I know we had this discussion a few months back with a guy who made Paleo treats with Agave, so I thought some might be interested to read this.

  20. The Brain says:

    @Carter: saw that on your FB post and I agree: “Some is better than none. More is better than some. Too much is difficult to get.”

  21. this may miss a lot of you (late in the day), but i just ran across this article:
    very interesting – there are also more links to even more interesting articles at the end/within the same site.

  22. Alima, can we discuss buying the cow again? I am ready to have some delicious meat in my freezer…..

  23. maybe we can figure the cow thing out friday night during the frothiness or saturday morning pre/post intro class? everyone needs to make a note of what they will/won’t eat and we need to see how many portions of each cut we can get, then go from there.

  24. Since, I won’t be frothing Friday, here are the cuts I would know what to do with:
    Chuck Roasts or Steaks
    T-Bone Or Filet Mignon and NY Strip
    Top Sirloin Steaks or Roasts
    Flank Steak
    Ground beef
    I will be there Saturday if we want to plan then.

  25. I will not be there Friday, but feel free to discuss anyways.
    I will be there Saturday.

  26. let’s discuss saturday.