WOD 03-30-2012

We will have a team WOD tonight. The weather will determine the actual WOD. Be prepared for some group suffering.


  1. Say it isn’t so! I hate missing team WODs 🙁
    My hand is still too busted up though… oh yea and the rumpshaker is tomorrow…

  2. Just some neighborhood news…… Avondale Brewery announced last night that they were giving the “Occupy Avondale” space to “Freshfully”. I spoke with a rep from Freshfully yesterday and she said that it will be a market of all local fruits, veggies and meats. They are hoping for a May 1 opening. Super exciting stuff!

  3. Yeah I believe they have a website ( if it’s the same people I’m thinking of) where you can buy local meats/veggies. Good to hear they will have a store now too.

  4. I have an extra race packet available for rumpshaker tomorrow if anyone wants to run with the cfr team!