WOD 03-31-2011

Complete as Many Reps as Possible in 8 min.

Thruster 95/65#

As soon as time expires, complete 2 burpees for every thruster short of 100.  Post number of Thrusters complete. 

Speed Work:  Run 400m x3  rest 1 minute between each run. 


  1. Wow – brutal! I’ll have to make this one up Saturday.

  2. it wasn’t what I would call fun!

  3. How many thrusters did morning crew get on average? Hard for me to guess… Don’t think I can keep a 12.5 per minute pace though…

  4. Robyn was the only one who went rx and she got 60. Kyle said anything between 60 and 75 is good. The goal is not to go light and get 100. The goal us to go heavy and see how many you can push yourself to get!

  5. I still ended up with 80 burpees so push hard for the thrusters!

  6. Nice work Robyn!!!

  7. Morning pansy says:

    Ok so maybe I was a lil’ bit of a pansy! I went too light, scared of the thrust!

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