WOD 03-08-2010

Remember that we will not have a 5:00 class today.  Come in around 5:30 to warm up.  We will start as soon as I get to the gym. 

3 Rounds for time of:
25m Down-and-Back sprint (50m total)
10 Burpees
7 Ground-to-shoulder – 155/105lbs

WOD 1 from sectionals-  Lets see how we do on this one. 

Also, congratulations to Cori for finishing 9th and representing CFR.  Pictures from the event will be posted soon!!! 


  1. the cfr “word of the week” (wow) is RANGER PANTIES. this is the term given to pt (physical training) shorts issued to army special forces for training. they are extremely short (think richard simmons) and have another term associated with them that would be inappropriate for me to type here (ask me later). an education was had on saturday and i would like to pass along this tip to our very own army spec. forces dude, austin – DO NOT do burpees or wall balls in your ranger panties. just sayin’

  2. LOVE it!!! hysterical jackie! and i second that: please do not do burpees wall balls OR sit ups in your ranger panties! we don’t need any rucksacks flailing about.

  3. Kyle Deneke says:

    It is never good when rucksacks are on the loose mid WOD. Unluess you are into that sort of thing.

  4. None of us are into loose rucksacks peeping out of ranger panties.
    Kyle…please don’t get the angry walk during this wod and tell us our burpees don’t count b/c we weren’t looking straight ahead or didn’t extend our hips. Dont’ get all Russell on us.

  5. Kyle Deneke says:

    Robyn, I will atttempt to recreate the environment from sectionals.

  6. i think i might show up just to see kyle’s “russell” impression!

  7. btw, i don’t know if anyone has glanced at the comments from the al/tn/ms sectional results, but there is a nice gripe-fest going on there! pretty entertaining.

  8. The Brain says:

    What’s the gripe, or would I have had to have been there?
    Way to go Cori!
    Kyle: “Ground to shoulder” – is that any way? As in, “Brian-Style” power cleans?

  9. Kyle Deneke says:

    A first attempt to tell you what you already know.

  10. Kyle Deneke says:

    your method will work for these.

  11. Re: ranger panties. I have it on good authority that neither these nor any other undies are needed in SF. They call it “commando” fo a reason…

  12. Hello…what would be a good alternative for the ground to shoulder moves????

  13. i know the reason!!!

  14. oh, and the gripe is about ticket prices, the music containing too much foul language, russell enforcing the you must pay to watch policy (which i side with since i paid the dollars to watch), safety on the pull-up bar breaking (with russell doing a rom demo on it), and other things people didn’t like from the day… you didn’t have to be there, really.

  15. congrats cori!
    btw, russell is the guy that demoed the “jumping push press” you know, to get a better time on FGB. i can only imagine his behavior at “his” crossfit sectionals. also, the nc/sc sectionals ended up cutting their weekend price in half. just sayin.

  16. http://www.scubaboard.com/forums/military-divers/287806-ranger-panties-3.html
    Link to the real deal. Long live the banana hammock.

  17. Yes, Phil, the black ones (warrior-wear) NOT the white ones (hairy-flair) haha…

  18. yeah, thought I was linking the pic of the black ones, not the entire post. Save the white ones for special occasions.