WOD 03-09-2010

For time:
12 Deadlifts – 275/165lbs
40 Wall balls – 20/10lbs
9 Deadlifts – 275/165lbs
30 Wall balls – 20/10lbs
6 Deadlifts – 275/165lbs
20 Wall balls – 20/10lbs
3 Deadlifts – 275/165lbs
10 Wall balls – 20/10lbs

Tell all your friends that might be interested in joining the gym that rates for new members will increase starting in April.  Recently, many people have been bringing in new people that are interested in joining the gym.  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all.  You are my best publicity and I really do appreciate you all helping me expand our community. 

In addition, I am going to start an NCAA bracket "contest"  it will be an online bracket.  If you are interested let me know.  We will discuss the "detail$", if you know what I am not saying. 


  1. I am not interested if you don’t know what I’m not saying. Wink. Translation: count me in.

  2. What’s the prize? Is it a T-shirt?

  3. Kyle Deneke says:

    Sri, It a something beyond your wildest dreams. It is even better than an amazing CFR t-shirt.

  4. i will be missing b/c my class starts tonight. i will make this wod up on thursday. as for the new contest, i’m interested in details but noncommittal at this point.

  5. The Brain says:

    Kyle, I don’t get it? What you aren’t saying? And you misspelled details; you put a dollar sign instead of an “s”…
    BTW – excited about the deadlifts!

  6. make every rep count! watch the depth and height on the wallballs! 🙂
    totally having cf withdrawals…..what’s WRONG with me? i guess i will stay away tonight. BUT ONLY TONIGHT!

  7. @Brain – Yay deadlifts! Boo everything else!
    @Cori – You should still come by to do the Angry Walk and count reps (1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4…)

  8. it’s very tempting sri…..very tempting…..

  9. The Brain says:

    Did ya’ll say this Russell character was on “Every Second Counts”, or did I imagine that?

  10. yea Cori…come Russell us tonight! The girls aren’t used to the higher target so we need encouragement!! just don’t be too harsh on us!
    not interested in Kyle’$ other topic of discussion. really. not. interested. no winks.

  11. cori, you should totally stay away tonight but come in on thursday and harass instead 🙂 hehe.

  12. i will definitely be there thursday jackie….i will be your russell! get ready to do quite a few wallballs!!!!

  13. This all sounds great, but I have no idea what a wall ball is…I have an idea, but can someone please clarify…I WILL NOT be doing dead lifts, but there has to be something similar…

  14. i’ll post this WOD to the whiteboard tonight when i can. rock it out, kids.

  15. kyle, you have some ‘splaining to do!
    sara – i need help on this one…anyone got some advice for sara? i would suggest doing squats and pushups instead? i dont’ think your gym will let you throw a medicine ball in the air to throw against the wall. just saying. and deadlifts? hm…..kyle? carter? help!?

  16. I think dumbell thrusters are the “official” wallball sub.

  17. video of dumbell thruster:
    maybe do 5 to 10 pound weights?
    i would still like to have kyle’s input on this. someone not familiar with weights overhead….not familiar with proper form….i don’t want sara to get hurt inadvertently. that’s why i didn’t suggest the thruster.

  18. what about squats and 5-10# shoulder press in place of the wall ball… then walking lunges for the deadlifts? just a thought.

  19. i was going to suggest shoulder presses too, jackie…but i wasn’t sure if she knew what those were. all i know about myself is that i had no clue what anything was!
    hope all of this helps you sara!

  20. workout created on beyond the whiteboard, for those who participate in that. for those who don’t, you should. it’s easy and a great way to track your progress and results. and see how you measure up. highly encouraged. it’s only $3/month. do it!

  21. i need to sign up for that – give me a month and i’ll get on it!
    how’d everyone do tonight? was it miserable???

  22. Not one of the worst ones for me…I did a litle lighter weight than Robyn and Alison to be cautious about my back.

  23. When Kyle and I worked out at the Y, we always did wall ball. No one ever said anything to us, which sort of surprised me.
    You could always try it. But form is important (chest up) so you might want to watch a video demo on crossfit.com first.

  24. You know how I feel about wall ball shots….but once you finish the second set it goes really fast.