WOD 03-12-2010

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of the following

95/65# Squat Clean

Burpee Box jump

Kettle Bell Swing 1.5/1 pood

Frothy Friday!


  1. very interesting! quite looking forward to this! goal: unbroken, all sets! yeehaw! (wait…those box jumps are gonna hurt after those squat cleans…might have to reeval.)

  2. The Brain says:

    Ever since the burpee challenge started I’ve been looking for a way to make burpees more difficult…and here it is. Bring it on!

  3. Is the goal to jump onto the box coming up from your burpee? If yes, my goal is to not hit my head on the box while doing burpees. This should be interesting.

  4. oh, didn’t think of that alison! hmmm… maybe we need helmets for this one? i agree – definitely interesting… possibly fun. i mean, it reads like it could be fun…

  5. uh…it will be “fun” for like 1 round!

  6. wow….this is going to be interesting. I’m worried about the burpee box jump thing too. hopefully I can find a demonstration out there……

  7. if you’ve ever done weighted lunges, then box jumps, you are well aware that jumping any height AT ALL becomes extremely difficult. too bad i didn’t bring pants tonight. a lot of busted shins on this one!

  8. “his feet aren’t all the way on the box! those reps don’t count!” – signed russell berger

  9. good thing there’s Frothy afterwards!!!!

  10. cori, if you russell me tonight … well, i can’t think of a fill-in good enough right now, but just remember the blank hasn’t been filled and it could be REALLY bad!

  11. Blerg. Tried a burpee file-cabinet jump (~14″ high) at work… I think I *will* bring a helmet. Today’s finer things selection is a fine Pinot Noir from California.

  12. paleo peeps: just saw this!
    “Cashews are not nuts, they another type of legume or bean like a peanut. They have all kinds of toxins in them.”
    anyone know anything about this!? that means cashew cookie lara bars are out! what a travesty!!!!!

  13. Say it ain’t so, Cori. :* (

  14. Somehow I understood they were not exactly nuts but not as bad as peanuts either…my completely uneducated opinion.

  15. I think they’re seeds.

  16. it’s not true. cordain allows it – and that’s what i go by… they are seeds. so many people have different views on what is/isn’t paleo. it’s a judgement call – i’m going by the book. cashews stay!

  17. Wikipedia says it’s a seed. Crisis averted.

  18. and we thought burpee box jumps were the hardest thing we’d have to face today! 🙂

  19. cashew counseling will be available tonight after the wod. only one person can share at a time…you must be holding the medicine ball to speak. you will all get a chance to let it out.

  20. how ’bout we make cori stand up against a wall while we all try and hit her with medicine balls for causing such a panic! 😉

  21. Looking forward to this one and the following froth.

  22. that’s a bunch of RECRAP i say!

  23. good idea jackie! causing such a stir on a Friday afternoon. goodness.
    Sri…..sounds like you brought out the fine stuff! I hope we aren’t out of cups to drink our finer things in. if anyone is heading to a grocery b/f CF, will you pick up the fine china wine cups?

  24. (jackie’s comment about throwing med balls at me is recrap…not carter’s post…sorry :\)

  25. i think i’m going to have to make a chart with “appropriate usage” for cori… sigh. hopeless!
    robyn, i’ll swing by publix as it’s on my way and get some finer china to be sure!

  26. oh no!…ive got a bad cold…and was thinking about not coming tonight…but NOW…if i don’t show up it’s going to look like i’m skeered of you crazy cashew loving people….but i swear i’m not skeered. you can throw med balls at me. i just want to be accepted. and loved. and forgiven. sniff.

  27. i just teared up reading that, cori. 😉
    seriously, feel better – best to take a day or two off than miss an entire week or two.
    btw, i keep laughing b/c i wish i had seen sri demo the file cabinet burpee jump!

  28. @Jackie – in a shirt and tie and dress shoes, no less…
    And I think Cori’s punishment should be to eat an entire box of Cashew Cookie Larabars in one sitting.

  29. yummy..is that really punishment? how long can you sit for one sitting??

  30. My bad, forgot this was Crossfit.
    12 Larabars, for time.