WOD 03-24-2010

3 rounds for time:

All lifts are 115/80#

Run 400m

21 Power Cleans

15 Front Squats

9  Push Jerks 


  1. I miss the 2 fun WODs with heavy deadlifts, only to come back and have to face 63+ cleans. This sounds about right.

  2. wow. looks awesome. taking today off. see y’all thursday evening. i’ll be doing this one. and i’m sure my ripped-up left hand will love every second of it… thanks, new pull up bar. (right, robin?)

  3. I DESPISE PULL UPS RIGHT NOW. 3 rips and I am not looking forward to these cleans. Note to self….don’t use hand sanitizer on a fresh rip!

  4. Ouch!

  5. Robyn – did you think the hand sanitizer was going to feel good? Its alcohol based!!

  6. its a habit after getting gas and I only dabbed a little and quickly reazlized the stupidity of what I had done and began blowing furiously on my hand. It only touched one of my rips. Pretty sure if anyone in traffic saw me, they prolly thought I was have a spasm…..

  7. welcome back, sri!

  8. i can’t decide if i’m happy or sad to be missing this wod… i’ll decide after ya’ll weigh in post-wod.

  9. Robyn, correct me if I’m wrong but I could swear I heard you cursing in German during the WOD yesterday.

  10. haha! (not about your rip, but the people seeing you have a spasm).
    Ask Kyle to show you his hand sanitizer. (He is also a freak about sanitizing his hands after pumping gas). Its called Clean Well. Its main ingredient is thyme (a natural antiseptic). No alcohol so it doesnt burn, but it still kills 99.9% of germs 😉

  11. Jackie – where will you be???????

  12. cori "missing my cfr peeps something awful" watts says:

    man! so disappointed that i will miss this wod tonight! i will make it up thursday night also!
    on a different note,i’m sitting at the world center marriott in orlando, and it’s really, really nice and super pretty! the huge pool with multiple stone slides looks soooo inviting! too bad i didn’t bring my bathing suit….wait…i have a five our board meeting at 2p…..nevermind. 🙁

  13. wednesdays are my “off” days from cfr now that i’m a morning person. i’ll be there tomorrow morning instead of wed. night.

  14. yes Phil…..I did. Guilty. I guess I think its not at bad if I do it in another language.
    I so need some of Kyle’s sanitizer. gas pumps are disgusting and I thought I needed a little bit. but it was too painful to continue.
    Cori…..we miss you…. hope you are feeling better!
    so…do we give this one a suck factor before it starts?

  15. What happened to “Tears Happen”? Rub some dirt on it and FIDO*. : D
    *Jackie – Can the word of the week be an acronym?

  16. if it can be a phrase (as pointed out week one), then sure! why not an acronym! email me with your suggestion.

  17. FIDO is my suggestion… : )

  18. @Alima – dang, I thought this was going to be an instructional site on how to do cleans. 🙁

  19. Haha 🙂 Sorry Sri! I could see how that could be confusing!

  20. Sri….you KNOW how to do cleans…you just loathe them!