WOD 04-06-2011

Tabata (8 Rounds of Each)

Pull Ups

Push Ups

Sit ups


Add the low round total of each movement together for your score. 

Remember to sign up for the St. Jude Charity WOD.  I picked up several prizes from Wright Equipment yesterday. 



  1. My hands are saying no to this WOD, but my mind is saying yes… Conundrum…

  2. i will be at the lunch wod… i just need to get this body moving somehow this week! i did run 32 wall sprints last night with my team, though – something’s better than nothing and tabata is better than something!

  3. I am falling victim to crazy-kid-acitivites schedule this week. Hope to work on some double unders at home.

  4. i just have to say tabata was just what i needed today! thanks lunch crew 🙂