WOD 04-08-2011

Hang Power Clean 3-3-3-3-3

1.5 Mile Race.  This will be 1.5 miles with an interesting addition. 

Remember to sign up for the CFR charity WOD.  The event is Next Saturday.  Prizes have started coming in.  It is going to be a great event. 

This Saturday at cfi in Northport, Throw down for Babies.  Be sure to go to this http://throwdownforbabies.com/ and check it out.  It would be great if some CFR folks went down to take part.  The folks at CFI are really great. This will be a quality event. 


  1. I’m nervous about the “interesting addition.”

  2. I’m going to the CFi March of Dimes Throwdown for Babies (& afterparty). It’s going to be a great event! If anyone wants to caravan over there let me know (bpb21@hotmail.com); leaving Saturday a.m.

  3. Hey y’all – what was the average time for last night’s WOD? Trying to figure out plans for Saturday.

  4. I am running with a group of people at Oak mnt on sat at 7am if anyone is interested. It will be a run then a modified Annie. Lots of fun to be had by all! If interested please email or call me. csims02@gmail.com or 205-639-2390.

  5. Scott M. says:

    Hey Chris, Normally I would be all over that run/wod but I have to be at the baseball field at 8:00 tomorrow to coach my son’s team. Keep me in mind next time.

  6. The run is Sunday at 7am. NOT SAT. Sorry for the mix up.

  7. Hey Donna, there were only 6 or 7 of us last night and I would guesstimate the average around 23-24 minutes. Hope that helps.

  8. Thanks, Jason!

  9. Chris, I’d be in for the run but already have plans for Sunday morning. Keep me in the loop for the next one.