WOD 04-11-2013

**So far classes will continue as normally scheduled. Check back for further updates.**

5 Rounds For Time:
20 Pull Ups
30 Push Ups
40 Sit Ups
50 Squats

Rest 3 Minutes Between Rounds
***40 Minute Time Limit***

Compare to 03-29-2012


  1. That’s going to leave a mark. Or two.

  2. 40 min may not be long enough

  3. First and only WOD I ever puked after……… Kyle it might be a stretch (or asking too much) but do you know when the time before 3/29/12 was that we did this? Thanks!

  4. @casey 10/24/2011

  5. Thanks Alima!

  6. CFR isn’t closing at noon along with County schools and Governments, is it?

  7. i would be really worried about you guys trying to drive home…i have gotten caught before, and it’s terrifying. even UAB is closed. go!!

  8. It is official. My ass and hands don’t like Barb. I will probably create a new dance move in the shower as I jump from one pain center to the next. One more Rebellion workout. See you guys Saturday morning.

  9. Thank you again, Lauren!