WOD 04-13-2011

For Time:

Run 800 M

21 Deadlift 155/110#

15 HPC 155/110#

9 Push jerk 155/110#

Run 800 M

100 Double Unders

100 Sit ups

ST. Jude Charity WOD this Saturday.  Registration from 8:30 -9:00.  First scaled heat will start at 9:10.  $20.00 to take part.  We have some great prizes.  Let's have a great turnout and raise some money for a great cause. 


  1. i think someone is trying to kill us.

  2. Nicole #1 says:

    Wow! Umm, this would have a high suck factor even if my hands weren’t all jacked up.

  3. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? This should do it.

  4. Kyle Deneke says:

    If your hands are a little banged up you can tape them and keep going. Coincidentally, we now have athletic tape for sale at CFR.

  5. Alison, did you mean this should do it as in “make me stronger”? Or kill me? I’m going with kill me. Tell my mom I love her.

  6. Maybe I am crazy, but this looks like fun! Remind me that I said that when I am doing the WOD, though. I might forget. Kyle, can we drop the weight on the HPC or is it same weight for all movements?

  7. Nicole #1 says:

    Don’t worry, I fully intend to be there with these nasty looking hands of mine…I’ll be wearing gloves on top of the tape for a day or two though.

  8. Nicole #1 says:

    Kyle, how much for the athletic tape?

  9. Kyle Deneke says:

    $4.00 per roll.
    The goal is same weight on each movement. However, it may be negotiable.

  10. Good job lunch crew! It was fun!
    I made everyone use the same weight for all 3. Atleast that means you get a little rest during the deadlifts 🙂

  11. while i thought this wod would kill me, i actually really liked it! can’t wait to do it again (just not tonight) 🙂
    p.s. good to know re: the tape! i will be buying a roll next time i’m in!

  12. anybody want some home grown lettuce? i have way too much and don’t want to let it go bad. i’ll bring it buy tomorrow or friday night if anyone is interested.

  13. Dave, I’ll take some lettuce. Btw, where have you been?