WOD 04-15-2011

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1

Skill: 40 Ring Dips or 100 weighted box dips


Lunch class will start at 12:00 beginning Monday. 

If you are coming to the CFR Charity WOD tomorrow, please remember that you need to arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 am.  The cost is $20.  You will need to come down 2nd ave s and use the side entrance to the lot  on 15th street. 


  1. If you have friends coming from other gyms please pass on the word about the side entrance. 1st Ave will be closed due to an event at RR park.

  2. Y’all have fun. I’d come, but I have a tennis match down in Pelham at 9:00. Rip it up!

  3. Kyle and 6:15 class from last night-
    Here is the link to the Master Chef…… : )

  4. damn, that tastes better than…

  5. Sequatchie Cove Farm is coming back to Pepper Place for the first Spring/Summer delivery next Sat April 26th. If you weren’t around the gym last year, this is a cattle farm out of Chattanooga, Tn. Their cows are 100% grass fed and we’ve been buying all our beef from them since last Spring.
    They offer us bulk discounts on beef so last year many of us got together and placed orders so we could qualify for the bulk discount.
    We will probably be ordering 50 lbs of ground beef for ourselves. If anyone else wants any ground beef let us know. I will probably place our order by Tuesday. If we get to 100 lbs the bulk discount is $4 per lb. (From 50-99 lbs the bulk discount is $4.50).
    They have also donated some gift certificates for the St Jude Charity WOD so someone will be winning some awesome free goodies from them!
    Their website is http://www.sequatchiecovefarm.com if you want to check them out.
    See everyone tomorrow!

  6. must be that “dime bag” of pepper and the lemon grass……

  7. I’ll get 25 lbs.

  8. of the pepper and lemon grass or beef? 😉

  9. the beef…

  10. I’m sure a dime bag of pepper and lemongrass would pair up nicely with that beef.

  11. Nicole #1 says:

    Alima I may do 25lbs of the ground beef as well..I’ll let you know for sure before Tuesday.

  12. We need to check out the place in Hartselle also.

  13. question – will the weather entering the area affect the gym tonight? :\

  14. I liked the website for the place in Hartselle a lot, but the only option was to buy 1/4 cow or more. He didn’t offer just ground beef.
    We are looking into the weather now. It’s starting to look prety bad.

  15. Just an FYI – my office is in Homewood, off Greensprings. It’s 4:30pm and the tornado siren is going off. If you get out tonight please be careful!