WOD 04-20-2011

15 Min. AMRAP


7 OverHead Squat

9 Pull Ups

Skill: 175 Double Unders or 500 Singles

You select the weight for your OHS.  Challenge yourself. 



  1. Nicole #1 says:

    HSPU = Hand Stand Pushups? Is that right?

  2. Good Morining!!What is the alternative for HSPU??

  3. Sorry “Good Morning” <<<< I am SUPER Sleepy @ work

  4. yes Hand stand push up.
    Sub is box push up or regular push up.

  5. o.u.c.h. 🙂

  6. Nicole #1 says:

    This is gonna be interesting since my arms are still shaking from yesterday! I predict falling on my face at least once.

  7. Thanks Alima…I have new recipe to share, you have created a MONSTER in the kitchen 🙂

  8. Awesome Daron! Email it to me!