WOD 04-23-2013

Snatch 1-1-1-1-1

Run 800x 3 rest 2 minutes

Don’t skip the WOD today. Everyone needs to improve their Snatch.

Some of you have seen the video below, if you haven’t it’s an amazing video to watch. Many people have commented to me that all the cues we use when coaching the snatch really made sense to them after watching this video.

While watching, pay attention to a few things:

-Notice how forcefully he opens his hips

-Notice that the bars only travels about as high as his bellybutton. He then forcefully pulls his body under the bar. This is the most important key to the snatch.



  1. Ricardo DonAlexis says:

    That video is sick!!! The speed at which he got under the bar was amazing.

  2. Vincent Turner says:

    Here’s another video I came across a few wks ago that was a follow-up video to the one posted above. It too contains Chad Vaughn. More barbell based work and speaks about the importance of being comfortable at the bottom of the squat. Also, provides other teaching points.