WOD 04-24-2013

Double Unders
Sit Ups

Skill/strength: 25 DeadHang Or Weighted DeadHang Pull Ups.

We now have the Electrolyte Solution in stock. As most of you know we are adamantly opposed to supplements for a variety a reasons. This product is the exception. It is a pure, legitimately paleo product. It is a concentration of minerals that will correct your electrolyte balance. This allows your cells to retain the water required to keep you properly hydrated. Regardless of how much water you drink, without proper electrolyte/mineral balance your body will not retain the water needed for proper hydration. I have used this product for 7 years now with great results. If you find that the heat really bothers you, this product can help. Over the years many CFR athletes have used the electrolyte solution with great results. We have some bottles and additional info available in the lobby. The cost is $35 per bottle. Each bottle contains 64 servings. Compared to other “electrolyte” drinks this is a great price. Additionally, this product has no artificial flavors, food color, sugar, artificial sweeteners or other chemicals and actually has the minerals you need. Let us know if you want a bottle or would like to discuss further.


  1. found this when i looked to see how terribly my fran WOD compared to other 150lb people. If anyones interested it does what other people powerlift, run and do WOD’s at who are similar to your weight.