WOD 04-24-2014

12 Min. AMR(reps)AP
3 power cleans 135/95#
3 double push up Burpees
Increases by 3 reps each round.

Skill: 10 pistols per leg
Mobility: 4 minutes foam rolling

Olympic lifting class starts back up this Saturday @ 10:45. Open to all CFR members.



  1. Alima Deneke says:

    Please make sure you are still logging into mindbody to register for classes. It came to my attention yesterday, that some were trying to log in to the new system. If you get to mindbody through our website under the members tab, you need to select the second option (“Register for Classes”). The first option (“Sign up/Sign In”) is the new system and it is not ready yet.

    Thanks and sorry for the confusion!

  2. 3+18 95# knee pushups. Then pistol squats.