WOD 04-27-2011

3 Rounds

25 Wall Ball 20/14#

15 Deadlift 225/155

15 Burpees

Skill: 150 Double Unders: If you cant do Double Unders work on it. 



  1. Last day to sign up for this Sunday’s cooking class.

  2. plan to be there tonight, but depends on the weather…not looking good. everyone keep an eye on it, stay safe, and keep it classy san diego…

  3. anyone been down 280? I’m wondering if I will be able to get to the gym for the lunch class? I know cahaba heights was recked and I can’t even get to Aubrey’s sitter as her street is blocked by trees and no one can get in or out.
    Kyle heard reports that 280 was bad, but no details.

  4. Cahaba Heights is a disaster- I am not sure about 280, BUT I do know that schools are closing in anticipation of more inclement weather…..

  5. All the stop lights are out on 280. It’s terrible.

  6. how is weather going to affect tonight? we are being dismissed at 11am today (vestavia school system is letting out at that time) and i’m assuming it’s b/c the weather is going to get bad again this afternoon. it may/may not be cleared up for tonight…
    either way, i know all lights are out on 31 due to trees being down… my power is out (learned how to open the garage door manually – only took 2 hrs to figure that out!)… i know both starbucks near me have no power… i’m drinking HORRIBLE coffee from work instead 😛 sorry… at any rate, long drive times either way.

  7. Apparently 280 is shut down because it is such a mess (trees everywhere, lights out, etc) and all traffic is being diverted to 459.

  8. Brittany B says:

    This is one of the very few workouts I might be able to do prescribed (it’d be my second rx’d completed, sad)! I hope the weather permits!

  9. They are saying the worst weather will be between 5-7 so we may have to cancel tonight. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted on what we decide.

  10. Just finally made it back home after being stuck on 280 for 2 hours and never actually making it downtown for the lunch class.
    So sorry for those of you who showed. I tried my best, but it was much worse out there than I anticipated. I will be sending out a WOD that you can do at home.
    I don’t see us having class tonight as it would be pretty difficult for Kyle to even get down there, plus after seeing all the damage while I was driving I think it’s best people go home and be safe for the other weather that is headed our way. We will make an official announcement once I confer with Kyle.
    In other sad news, please keep Donna Brooks and her family in your prayers. Their house was detroyed by a fallen tree during the storms this morning. Thankfully they were in the basement and no one was hurt.

  11. Nicole #1 says:

    Oh my gosh! If you hear from Donna let us know! Also let us know what/if we can do anything for them! I have a spare bedroom if they need a place to sleep for a couple days.

  12. I’ve talked with her through email. They have friends they are staying with. I have asked her to please let us know how we can help. Right now she says they don’t need anything. But I will pass along any other info I get.
    For now just keep them in your prayers. I’m sure this is very hard on her kids too.

  13. Hey y’all…thanks so much. We are safe and good, and counting blessings especially tonight as I watch the devastation others are dealing with. A giant (I’m not overstating this) tree sliced through the bedrooms of our youngest two…literally 5 minutes after we scooped them up and went downstairs. But, we are fine. Thank you all, and keep Nicole in your thoughts…I think she’s fine but her area was hit hard.