WOD 04-02-2010

For Time:

I guess you will just have to wait and see.

Frothy Friday!!:  This is a time to socialize with other CFR members.  We do it after the WOD on friday. It is always a good time. 

Due to the growth of CFR we will no longer have skills/make up Thursday.  I will post a WOD for Thursday from this point forward.  We will also have a posted WOD on Saturday.  The Saturday WOD will start at 9:00 am.  I will run open gym/skills on Saturday from 8:30-9:00 am.  We will also have skills/open gym after everyone finishes the 9:00 class until 11:00 am.  That does not apply to this Saturday because we will start the intro class at 9:30.  If you want to do the WOD you need to come in at 8:30.  Sorry for any inconvenience. 

Reminder: CFR members are only allowed access to the gym during CFR class times.   


  1. Kyle Deneke says:

    The good thing about the new schedule is that it allows for two different training schedules. You can go 5 on 2 off or you can go 3 on 1 off 2 on 1 off.

  2. I’m more interested in tonight’s wod. won’t you give a hint? I like to know what I am walking into. the rest of my life is so uncertain right now and you throw this at me????????????

  3. Yes, I also am tumescent with anticipation… Shotgun for time?

  4. TUMESCENT!? are you kidding me!? haha!

  5. Kyle Deneke says:

    Austin, I think you may need to ice yourself down to relieve your tumescence.

  6. i heard that tumescence is contagious too…. :\

  7. this is the only definition I can find….
    pompous and pretentious, esp. in the use of language; bombastic.

  8. are you gassy, austin? (the only definition i can find for tumescent is: swollen or becoming swollen; abnormally distended especially by fluids or gas…) kids, consider this a bonus WoW – leave it austin to make us all overachievers… geez!

  9. I think this is the definition he was going for in his comment. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tumescence
    Austin, if you are still tumescent by 5pm you should see a doctor. At least that’s what they say in the Viagra commercials.

  10. this couldn’t get any better!

  11. and Phil has opened a new can of worms! this should be a good day!

  12. Hey, never hurts to change up the ol’ vocabulary now and then, haha.
    You could substitute the word “bursting” for tumescent.
    I am “bursting” with anticipation to find out what kind of suffering lies in store for us tonight…

  13. for the record, a growing gym is a great problem to have. also for the record, tumescence can be cured with 2 brews.

  14. Nice conjugation Carter! Two beers could definitely make one less tumid. Maybe I’m just being inane due to the fact it’s my LAST DAY AT WORK! Muwahahahahahaha!

  15. i mean fo reelz….where have all of these big words come from? tumescence, conjugation, tumid, inane. dang…i need a dictionary to interpret today’s postings!!!

  16. Kyle: Is it a box jump competition? : D

  17. We’re going to have to start doing only WODs with at least 4 syllables. Just on principle cause we’re smart like that.

  18. But Donna, that would eliminate Murph, and Angie, and all our other favorites! Actually, make it at least *5* syllables so Filthy Fifty is off the list.

  19. Like “Fuh-ray-uhn-uh” (Southern pronunciation of “Fran”)?

  20. The Brain says:

    The loquaciousness of this confabulation is only outrivaled by the laboriousness of the portending WOD; of this I am incontrovertibly indubitable.

  21. ‘Zactly.

  22. Had a good time last night! Really good to see everyone and also meet some new folks!

  23. it was good to have ya there, dave!